Boost My Online Biz: 18% Open Rate – 321 Clicks

The Boost My Online Biz re-launch is
on FIRE.

What an AMAZING response people are
getting with the BMOB Leads + Mailer

Ya, you heard me. MAILER.

Not only do you get 80 fresh,
premium leads every single day…

You can also import them into the
Boost My Online Biz provided mailer
with the click of the mouse and
mail them every 23 hours.

So yesterday I decided to mail
3200 of my leads the SAME ad I
use on all my safelists for one
of my programs (email me to ask
which one 🙂

I gave it 24 hours and the
results were in!

18% open rate
321 clicks
35 optins
5 sales (55 x 5 = 270.00)

270.00 from 1 SINGLE mailing???

Yes. I’m shocked too!

The reason BMOB Leads convert so
high is because they aren’t just
“clicking to earn credits” like
most safelist users do.

These leads have GENUINE interest
in biz opp & Internet Marketing
and are EXPECTING to hear from
someone just like YOU.

And this is DIRECTLY reflected
in your results.

I’ve spent 100k on leads over 12
years in this industry and NOTHING
comes even CLOSE to the
responsiveness of BMOB leads.

I’ll be online all day. Email me
if you need a hand setting this
up 🙂

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.

…If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try, try again…