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I’ve paid big bucks upgrading
exactly 84 advertising sites over
the past 2 years but if I could
only keep one…

I would keep USA Lead Club above
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Yesterday I got 17 emails
from marketers asking me
the exact same question:

Will USA Lead Club
deliver signups for my
specific program?

After looking at each of their
websites one by one I was able
to CONFIDENTLY reply YES too
each and every one of them!

I’m talking about AMAZING
results promoting all types
of pages:

-> lead capture pages
-> free optin forms
-> low cost entry level
programs with backend
-> low ticket items
-> mid to high ticket offers

Here’s how you too can start
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and sales every single day:

Step 1. Just sign up at:


Step 2. Click “Broadcaster” to shuttle
all your leads into the mailer
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Step 3. Click “Mail History” To
Keep Track Of All The
Opens, Clicks and Sales

The returns so far for me have
been incredible.

Less than 2 hours ago I messaged
my own personal prime USA leads
and today 7 of them paid to join
my program without even contacting
me first!

I have been waiting FOREVER for a
program like this to come around.

One that gives me leads PLUS a
super convenient way to reach
them each day.

No other ad site comes close.

Candace Lee