I’ll Pay Your Way In


I have been involved in a network marketing program for the last couple of months

that is very impressive.  In fact I am so sold on it, that I am willing to upgrade the

next 100 people that sign up for free!  You heard me right I will upgrade the next 100

people that join for free!  It is based on a 2X20 matrix so there is tons of spillover.  I

also have been testing a very simple system to grow this thing and it has been

working great.  Continue reading below, and you will see how simple and easy to

duplicate this system is. After you join for free and I have upgraded you, then this is

all you need to do:

Purchase 2 bronze add packs at $2.00 each for a total of $4.00 (by the way, you will get paid a commision on these 2 add packs as soon as you purchase them).  This will fill your first level, and give you 3 positions to make money on (up to $90,000.00 per position).

Find 4 people to join Crypto Pros for free. (If you can’t find 4 people to join for free, I am running an advertising coop that you can join for just $10.00 that will help you get them).  Also the company provides free members that you can upgrade into your downline.

Pay to upgrade your 4 free members at $2.00 each for a total of $8.00 (by the way, you will get paid a commission on these people as soon as you upgrade them).

Email them this same exact system, and your downline and commissions will explode.

Your out of pocket cost is only $12.00 with an optional $10.00 coop, you won’t find a

simpler program anywhere on the internet, and after you signup I will show you how

to get $5.00 back, so now your out of pocket would only be $7.00. Of course you can

bring in more people, or purchase more ad packs to speed up the process if you want,

but trust me, just doing this minimum will work. Just click the link below to get signed

up for free and I will upgrade you to a paid member as long as you are one of the first

100 that signs up.  You also need to be willing to follow the plan that I have outlined

above.  There is no reason to join if you are not willing to follow this simple plan! This

will be the easiest and most fun thing you will do.