Invite From Me, BrianZ


Mailsy has Launched!

It’s a simple “no gimmicks” mailer with no limits to the number of

members you can mail. All you need is credits.

Owned and operated by BrianZ, and now ready to open its doors.

If you’ve been helped by him then you know we are
dedicated to building clean, results driven,

sites with YOUR results in mind so Join us and let’s get mailing.

Use promo code “super” to get started with 1000 credits.

Join us from this link:

and I’ll add 5000 credits to any one of your accounts at
bweeble, listadventure listjoe, listbonus, or trafficbonus,

or any combination thereof.

Take the upgrade oto and get 5 solos! Your choice of where.

Just send a ticket at any one of these sites
(or mailsy) and Brian will add them asap.

I hope to see you on the inside.

kindest regards,

Brian Zens