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Hi there, it’s Dave Mosher in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX again with a brand new promotion for 2021 to not only give you more bang for your buck, but also to add more funds to fatten your wallet by promoting YOUR referral links!

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This landing page strictly uses a dedicated rotator link for each of the 10 safelist sites!

There are even 5 of these 10 sites that give you a 225.00 retail value in Super Solos…but you still get it for ONLY 21.00!

Just for registering, you’ll receive 5,000 Credits, 5 Solos, 5 Banners, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links! NO CHARGE!

After you register, use Promo Code: newmember

This will give you ANOTHER 5,000 Credits, 5 Solos, 5 Banners, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links! NO CHARGE!

If you decide to purchase a 1-Year Login Offer, after completed, submit a Support Ticket with your referral link for that site so we can add your link with 2,100 views/rotations to my rotator for that site!

Check out the details by clicking the link below!

To your online success!

Dave Mosher

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