MyFriendlyAds: 15-Pack Promo Code

MyFriendlyAds:  15-Pack Promo Code

Hi there, it’s Dave Mosher in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX to announce the re-launch of MyFriendlyAds with brand new graphics, new script, and commissions up to 75% on referral purchases.

The OTO’s are JAM-PACKED!!!

There's also a NEW "Back-To-School Dime-Sale" on Login Offer#1. It's not as jam-packed, but easier on your budget if you don't want all the huge bonuses. It starts at 47.00, going up 10 cents after each purchase until September 30th.

Just for registering, you’ll AUTOMATICALLY receive 5000 Credits, 5 Solos, 5 HP Solos, 5 Banners, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links.

Next, if you’re a NEW MEMBER, be sure to use the following Promo Code BEFORE 24-Hours passes! Promo Code:  newmember

That will give you another 15,000 Credits, 15 Solos, 15 HP Solos, 15 Banners, 15 Button Ads, and 15 Text Links.

Just for reading this offer, there’s another promo code from another site of mine, MyPremiumAds, and will give you a 5-pack over there as well.

Be sure to see ALL of the Super Solo Network BONUSES included with each OTO before you head over to the main site. That you you’ll have an idea of just how JAM-PACKED the OTO’s are with MASSIVE VALUE!!!

200.00 CASH Referral Contest!
MyFriendlyAds currently has just over 500 members (over 350 active). So we're going to run a 200.00 CASH Referral Contest until the site reaches 1,500 members.

To your online success!

Dave Mosher - MyFriendlyAds