I’m not a network marketing GURU nor am I an over night sensation. But I am a soon to be TLC Director who works her butt off for her team.
I did not come into TLC with a following nor a list. I am working my business DAILY. Doing things most wouldn’t.
I can’t afford to fly all over the country to do meetings and recruit. But from my home office on my 5 year old desk top, I am a workin it!
I don’t know everything. But I will tell everything I know. And one thing I do know is that my business based actions compounded daily will get me a steady income to pay all of my monthly bills and I will be flying high by this time next year to the tune of 6 Figure a month TLC Income$$$ ….
I invite you to our TEAM.
Our TEAM has A Plan.

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Working Hard For My Teams Success,
Angela Marx