######## A R E YOU ARE A G O O D P R O M O T E R? Earn up to 50 buck weekly

Top1surf Manual Traffic Exchange News
Hello my friend, thanks for reading this looong , but necesary email.

If you are promoting sites that give not too much
here is you chance to reap on profits

Not just with the traffic you’ll get
but the conversion power of this site
Here are not games, but serious and effective traffic.

This is a personal review of the site
you won’t find a “copy and paste” promo on the site
I have taken the best to mention features of the site for your consideration.

Feel free to use this promo once you join and complete sign up.

First things first!
The prizes for promoting the site are just AWESOME!

Take a look of the prizes given …
and this is monthly!

First Price $50.00 Cash + 12000 credits
Second Price $35.00 Cash + 10000 credits
Third Price $25.00 Cash + 8000 credits
Fourth Price $15.00 Cash + 6000 credits
Fifth Price $10.00 Cash + 5000 credits
6 Price $5.00 Cash + 5000 credits
7 Price $2.00 Cash + 2000 credits
8 price $2.00 Cash + 1500 credits
9 price $1.00 Cash + 1500 credits
10 price $1.00 Cash + 1500 credits
11 price 1000 credits
12 price 1000 credits
13 price 1000 credits
14 price 1000 credits
15 price 1000 credits


You can earn extra credits for Promote Text ad Link.
Text ads are a really great way to drive highly-targeted visitors
straight to your website 24 hours per day.
Your Text Ads shown on thousands of web sites, FREE!

Simply Add your Text ad link to your Favorite Traffic Exchange
Not target TE sites

Earn 1 Traffic Credits and 30 Text Impressions per Unique view
Earn 0.3 Traffic Credits and 4 Text Impressions per Repeat view

Text Impressions Automatically Assign Your Site
Traffic Credits Automatically Assign Your Account

And more …

The activity points feature is one of many rewarding systems we have for our members.
By being active on top1hits.com you earn activity points.
Each week when our JackPot releases,
the TOP get to divide the JackPot for that week.
The JackPot on Top1hits.com is a rewarding and technically advanced Jackpot system that will reward with:

1: Cash
2: WebSite Hits
3: Banners Impressions
4: Text ad Impressions

Easy Splash Builder, make your own splash pages to promote any program

Here you can create,
host and track your own splash pages for any website with the Easy Splash Builder tool.

As a free member you can store up to 3 splash pages.
For only upgrade members per month you can store up to 30 splash pages.

It is very important to promote different looking pages
for any programs but not only standard affiliate/referral pages.
Even if you don’t know how to create websites or never heard of HTML,
you can create your own unique pages for ANY programs
in just 5 minutes or even less with our easy-to-use Easy Splash Builder tool.
Properly designed splash page will help you to get much more signups to your sites.

Earn commissions of up to 40% from purchases
You earn 10% commissions as a free member,
40% as a upgrade member,
40% as Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator paid member).
This applies to all purchases of Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator made by your first level referrals.

This is just part of the benefits you’ll get when you join

I hope you read this page so far, and surely
I’ll have to compite with you those $50 bucks
next week.

To your success Bernyro

OH! almost forget,