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4 new “Cheating” methods gets thousands to any website

“Some say these methods are cheating and gives out an
unfair advantage but it seems like many people don’t
mind having an unfair advantage if it means that the
income comes pouring in”

1) Use hijacking software to make your site pop up with
any website on the internet, this is very powerful, and
some say sneaky but when you do it, look out because
people will pour into your site and you will see this
happen when you click on the link in this email.

2) Use software that creates instant headlines for your
ads that literally forces readers everywhere to click
on your links to find out more.

3) Put your website on TV because millions of people
watching TV will go see a website that got their
attention on a TV commercial.

4) Offer your customers half of all the sales that
your product or service brings in when they refer
it to someone else, that way they get your stuff
for no cost when they refer only 2 of their friends!

There is a website that we discovered that offers
all of these things on one site – it’s the only one
we have ever found that does and the sofware they
provide to everyone is dangerously effective in
getting people to any other website.

If you want to see the site that offers the
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Oh and one more thing.. everything above was
created out of the VIP membership area of the
site it goes to so you have to decide for your
self how important is it to you to get income
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