A GIANT is Emerging!


I have found something I am SUPER excited about that I want to share with you.

UNITED GAMES is about to launch the Worlds FIRST ever platform that merges two HUGE Global Trends – Mobile Apps & LIVE Sports. To get your mind wrapped around it Watch this 4-Minute Video:

So is the Potential for this REAL-TIME Mobile Sports App sinking in yet?

If not then you need to keep reading…

United Games has developed “the better way to play”, a mobile-based sports game system using its proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. The core of the mobile game is based upon analysing and predicting results across the full spectrum of events that occur within a live sporting event.

Within the game PLAYERS analyze the sporting event ahead-of-time and make certain predictions (called ‘picks’) using earned Tokens, During the live event the Player will have the ability to make further Real-Time decisions using multimedia screens within the mobile game app.

Making the correct pre-game and live real-time predictions provides fascinating competition for sports fans, where players of all experience levels may participate and receive loyalty rewards such as; Shirts, Electronics, Trips and a host of other Player rewards for making winning calls.

So to be perfectly clear PLAYERS play for FREE. Yes 100% free but they have the ability to win cool rewards. How sweet is that!

Now in order to make a Pick a PLAYER needs use Tokens. FREE Tokens are earned when a PLAYER watches a 15 second Video Ad on their Mobile device, which will earn them 1 FREE token per Ad per Day. Each PLAYER has a chance to earn up to 5 FREE Tokens each day. These Tokens are then “Banked” for future Game Play.

So, Every time an Ad is watched the “Advertisers” immediately pay United Games $1.00 and this money is then placed in the compensation plan and paid out according to the appropriate % level. We also earn a Check Match Bonus on all our Affiliates up to 4 Tiers deep. This makes for a HIGHLY Lucrative opportunity.
The financial implications are staggering considering the Multi Billion Dollar “GLOBAL” Sports market and the indisputable force of Mobile Apps.
So it is 100% FREE to take a spot now. The officially launch will coincide with the start of the 2016 NFL season.

Don’t let this one pass you by, Secure your Spot TODAY!

The only way to be excepted into this amazing opportunity is to be invited.

If you think you might be interested in being an affiliate or maybe just a player you will need to email me at: barbanne44@gmail.com

I have several more videos to explain in detail to you, just tell me you need more information,


Barbara Johnson
Tallahassee, Fl