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Square Pendant Necklace – Gold Plated

High quality gold plated necklace chain.

UV Resistant Water Resistant
22 inch necklace chain that fits great on anyone.

Note: the core metal of the necklace is zinc alloy that is then wrapped in a gold plating. Since the core of the pendant is zinc alloy it does not have a karat rating. The gold plating is 0.2 millimeters thick to ensure a beautiful, lustrous, shine.

A custom hardened resin insert is placed on top of the pendant to give it the highest quality color vibrance possible.

100% Made In The USA

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Ziv Halevy

The New Evatacâ„¢ Hybrid Duffel Bag! – NOW FREE!

Constructed from premium 600D Oxford Cloth, quality zippers and stitching, this bag has been built to last!
The ability to quickly transform from a duffel to a sturdy, comfortable backpack with plenty of useful space!

It’s so easy to do this conversion on the go, those longer walks and hikes will become a breeze with this new hybrid technology.


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A Breakthrough… “4-Hour Sanitizer”

Welcome from Ziv Halevy.

Did You Know?
Alcohol Sanitizer kills germs while it’s wet, only about 2 minutes! You need something better. Our safe, non-toxic Alcohol-Free Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs up to 3 to 4 hours! It’s also a wound cleaner and has many great properties!

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