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ALL Biz Ops Will FAIL – Except One!

ALL Biz Ops Will FAIL – Except One!

Hey Everyone,
That subject line is not bullsh%#!

It’s the reality of our (yes, mine also) industry. After joining program after program since 1985 (1987 professionally) I’ve seen this time & time again.

A program owner will come of with a new idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home based business, business opportunity, health product, or network company.

#1 – They (the owners) create the offer to work for a select few.
#2 – They then position these business partners into the program for maximum profit.
#3 – The business partners are under an agreement to profit-share with the owner.
#4 – The owner & business partners ALL create a joining frenzy. You have all witnessed this.
#5 – A very few (highly lucky) people will position themselves under these business partners.
#6 – The crowd will all funnel into the new business opportunity but most will fail.
(Note: This is due to the business partners controlling the market, saturating the social media, belittling anyone who tries to compete against them, and taking in all the profits.)
#7 – The owner & business partners count their share of the profits while laughing all the way to the bank while you’re left holding the bag of sh%# that they called “the next big thing since sliced bread”

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does as it happening right now.
The owners will ALL follow this same “profit-sucking” strategy to entice you to join, get you to fork over more money to market, then tell you “this next program will be the one”… trust me!

It’s a win-win for them and a LOSE – LOSE for all of you.

Not only did you not make a profit, but you also spent money on ads that did little to nothing except profit the business partners. Oh, you didn’t know that the traffic sources they recommended are also in on this game?

Does this sound like what you’re going through right right? I know it’s the truth after closely examining each & every program, each owner, the owner’s friend, the top earners (more owner’s friends), the top ad sources (still more of the owner’s friends) and the lucky few that position themselves at the right time.

Yes, the odds are ALWAYS against you unless you’re very, very, very lucky and can position yourself into a “viable” business opportunity.
The key word in that last sentence is viable. Please re-read that statement again.

Most of the programs I see today are NOT viable business opportunities and they will fail 100% of the time for most of the people joining them.

Should I start to mention the list of failures here? I’ll save that discussion for later since I’m still in this industry – for now.

The ONLY business opportunities I’ve been able to profit from, even dating back to the infamous “money making” mail order offers, are a select few direct pay member-to-member programs.

There are but a handful of legit offers today that will allow you to really profit in an unlimited fashion. ALL THE OTHER OFFERS, PROGRAMS, & OPPORTUNITES ARE PROFIT-SUCKING ENTITIES DESIGNS TO RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. No lie!

How do we combat this from happening while we still have hope in our financial future apart from a 9-5?
Well, I’m now forming a highly-organized group of “true” business opportunists who will promote viable programs that have the ability to create wealth for everyone involved. Note just a few.

This is already happening now. I’ve NEVER seen such a high success rate like what I’ve seen in this new program, even dating back to 1987.

If you want to find out more about this offer, please attend our special one-time weekend conference call today.

We will cover what program we’re talking about, what we’re doing differently that will position us to be the primary way into this program, what we will be doing next, as well as many other opportunities connected to our group.

Be there or keep failing – it’s always your choice my friend!
Here’s the conference call information:

Date: Saturday 8-26-17
Time: 1pm PT
Phone: 1-641-715-0867
Access: 657511

Here’s the “plain-as-hell” website:
(Note: It becomes content-rich when I start talking)

If you have any questions before the call email or call us at:
ET Founders
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Unique Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Program!

Unique Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Program!

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It’s a fundamental question we should be asking ourselves, not others.

And if you do ask that question, but are not making what you desire, it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing or promoting.

I’ve joined every popular program out there since 1987.

From buying electronics, to mail order, to tax liens, to stuffing envelopes, to “just-send-these-2-special-letters”, to Mellingers, to SMC, etc.

I did well with some investments and lost-out on others.

If you’re in the same boat as me and want an honest review of your offer, send it to me:

Just be ready to receive a truthful response!!!

The “my-program-is-better-than-your-program” mentality is DESTROYING the business opportunity community from within.

Desperate people are saying & doing anything to make a buck…plus a whole lot more.

A better approach is to really think hard about your program, product, service, or system.

Here’s a few eye-opening questions I’ve asked myself way back in 2001:
Does my program really work or am I just too invested to admit defeat?
Are my sponsors really on my side?
What happened to all my leads my sponsor was working for me? He seems (big ?) to be doing well!
Is it just theory or is it proven facts?
Are the top earners using their big lists to pull in those “reported” sales?
What were the top earners doing beforehand?
(Note: Real Estate agents have flocked to top tier industry and brought their wealth with them. They can send out advertising campaigns that flood an industry very quickly.) Can you do that?
Will it work for everyone?
Can a “newbie” generate a substantial income?
Can a “retiree” generate any income?
What if prospects cannot close sales?
What if prospects cannot market?

Once I started examining these “reality-based” questions with honesty, I came to the conclusion that what I was promoting in the past didn’t work for most people.

I succeeded, but many others failed!

After that “unsettling” reality set in I promised myself to ONLY join business opportunities that are simple, stable, proven, & work for anyone – no matter the experience level.

My 30+ years experience have given me a set of guidelines to follow:

This is what works right now (3-15-17):
1) member-to member pay plans (low, mid, high ticket)
2) 1-up pay plans
3) 2-up pay plans (most work. some don’t due to the payment system in place)
4) split level pay plans
5) 80/20 pay plans

I have not even went into the program owners stability, their accomplices (I mean business partners), program software, tracking, etc.

Again, if you want to have a real discussion about what works, give me a call: (760) 708-2725 Wil

If you want to press me to join your program, I will, most likely, refuse as my hands are full right now.

I’m training new business opportunity people from the ground up.

I’ve made a lot of sales in this wonderful (& wacky) industry.

Now, it’s time for you to do the same!

My Top Producing System:

Will Peterson
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Are You In NEED Of A Fast Cash Infusion?

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