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Profitable Program Right Out Of The Gate!!

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This brand new (Sept 1st) Crowd Funding Program provides us with THEIR CREATED FaceBook Software (Included in the $5), that will seek and bring YOUR members to you on AUTOMATIC. 

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I Can’t Believe I almost deleted it:

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Wendy Blessing

Not Just For Bald Men!

I have had my thin gray and white hair replaced

by a head full of brand new hair

of my natural color with my original natural curl !!

This product also repairs and restores your body!

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Join Au Ag Metals Club Today!

Chemical elements are listed by a one or two-letter symbol.
Au is the symbol for gold and Ag is the symbol for silver. This explains our name, Au Ag Metals Club.

A truly diverse investor includes metals in his/her portfolio. With impending decline of the U.S. Dollar, it makes good sense to include gold and silver, which are usually much less volatile in value.

Perhaps that’s why our founder, here at Au Ag has included them as bonuses in our business.
He still uses the U.S. Dollar when paying commissions, and of course, when you join, you will use it too.

But he has thrown in performance-based bonuses of actual metals, which have proven their steady values since they began to be used.
While diversifying your assets, it is wise to include metals, due to the volatility and value fluctuation of newer assets, such as the varying types of coin available.

Just a One Time Only – $29 Payment – Gets This In Motion!

Referring others is not required, but those who do it enjoy higher, more frequent, commissions, along with more bonuses!

Join Au Ag Metals Club Today!

NO Referring Required! Want Proof?

If referring was required, the following link would take you to a duplicated page with my identification on it, so you would be placed under me.

With this program, there are 2 links ONLY! One is for members who do not wish to refer others and the other is for those who CHOOSE to refer!

With the Five Biz program you will earn by simply joining, NO WORK is required!

There are benefits for those who DO CHOOSE to refer, but if you do not, you will have paying members placed under you and still earn money!

All this being said, the admin will ask you who referred you, so please tell them you were referred by Wendy Blessing!

Thank you!

Feeling Old?

“Oh, the white line’s getting longer and the saddle’s getting cold 
I’m much too young to feel this damn old 
All my cards are on the table with no ace left in the hole 
I’m much too young to feel this damn old”

Does this sound like your theme song lately?

Get MEBO and change your tune to this!

“Let’s chase each other ’round the room tonight
Let’s play the games we played on our wedding night
To lock and bolt the door is only right
Let’s chase each other ’round the room tonight”

You CAN dial back your inner clock!

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I Know You!

You are the one eating nothing but organic, non-GMO, gluten free superfoods, because you were told they would make you healthy! You are likely a vegan or vegetarian because they said meat was bad for you. Fact is, you were told that as your last meal passed through many feet of intestines, your body gleaned all the nutrients out of it, helping you feel better, and ward off disease.

The problem is that you’re not sure HOW this happens, whether by osmosis, or absorption as through the skin, but surely it is happening because what comes out looks like all the nutrients are gone.

The answer to HOW food is absorbed is the $1,000,000 question, and the answer clearly defines the solution. My friend, you have old, dead villi It started dying when you were about 30 years old. So you are asking, “What IS villi?”

Villi is small hairs, growing throughout your digestive tract like a lush grassy field. These hairs are the vehicle which absorb the nutrients into your body, as it passes through. You’ve had it since birth, but around the age of 30, it began to age and die. This means that you could eat all that healthy stuff 24/7/365, and you still would not get much more than calories, toxins and fat out of it.

So, hearing this, you may wonder, “where can I get new villi? Is there a transplant?” Unfortunately, we are not talking about car parts here, you can’t buy and install new villi. It was maintained and kept healthy for 30 years by your stem cells, which by now, are not in the greatest shape either.

Aha! You think, “I have seen advertisements concerning stem cells, but didn’t understand enough about them to pay attention!”

In essence, what I am bringing to the table, is the way to reactivate your stem cells, which will then regenerate new villi! You see, when we were born, we had everything we would need to live a long healthy life on Earth. The owner’s manual, such as the Bible, or other faith related documentation had to be procured separately, and studied, but it was likely put on a bookshelf to gather dust, like a vehicle owner’s manual is tossed into the glove compartment until it’s needed.

Now, I bring you MEBO, a preparation developed in Beijing China in 2012, to treat burns and regenerate new skin without scarring for burn patients. MEBO has also been used to regenerate new fingertips, complete with nail and original fingerprints, and will definitely regenerate new villi, so that you can get more nutrients out of what you eat!

For your convenience, the complete documentation of MEBO’s development is located on my MEBO website! You may also order from there, or contact me for assistance with your order!

Happy daily user of MEBO,

Wendy Blessing

What Is the Absolute Worst That Could Happen?

You could join this program and completely forget you did it, I suppose.

Someday when you’re long gone, your descendants may come across it, and thank you for leaving such a legacy!

All because you sent someone $5, and …

Never knew or interacted with the receiver in any way.

Never sold any product or idea, or bought monthly inventory.

Never spent precious time or a penny to recruit or refer anyone.

Never attended a meeting, online or via phone, or any by other means.

Never opened an email from the Admin notifying you of a new member
in your group.

Never, in fact, lifted as much as your pinkie finger to succeed.

Yes, the worst thing that could happen is that your children and grandchildren could someday find money for their retirement, college, etc…

Funny what your $5 could do…
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I am simply sharing what might be a blessing
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Math never lies. :0) It is interesting math.

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