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Welcome to an amazing program Phoenix Power Rising
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It normally has a $120 entry fee to join, but you
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founder of the program who wants to help people,
who are having a tough time in our economy. It’s
been especially problematic for those doing
internet marketing. I’ve said it many times that
it’s a minefield in network marketing with most
programs not working as promoted.

The founder writes: “Phoenix Power Rising is
determined to finally change lives for the better.
We are participating in Humanitarian Projects both
on the corporate level and on an individual
Associate level…”




Fast Cycling 2 x 3 Matrix, No Sponsoring Required
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There was an exciting call last week. Dial the
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LIVE CALLS: Monday’s and Thursday’s at 10pm
Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain and 7pm Pacific
Dial-In Number is 712-432-0075 Pin Number is

Phoenix training video

One thing to be aware of….when you sign up, at
the bottom of the page be careful… be sure to
click on SUBMIT within Golden bird; it is below
the link that takes you to Terms And Agreements.
Many people click on this and think they joined,
but they do not receive anything saying they
joined. So be careful and pay attention where you
are clicking.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! Please take action now,
as we don’t know how long this PIF feature will


Any questions please email me, I am here to help

Please be patient. The site is slow right now because they are upgrading
to a new server.

Make sure my name Tim Grills is on the sign up page as your sponsor!

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Tim Grills

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