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[FIRST_NAME] Automated List Building System

Get 20 of the best performing listbuilders in one
system. Hit send to email all of them at once.
Also email your downline as you also will be 
building that out as you promote the system.
Other members are getting great conversions
from this system.
See You At The Top,
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[FIRST_NAME] send out mailings on autopilot

I’ve been using the autopilot feature at
Traffic Zipper for the last few weeks and
during that time I’ve been getting leads and
making sales in my sleep.
For those that don’t know…Traffic Zipper is
an essential marketing tool which plugs into
Viral List Builders and sends out your mailings
on autopilot.
Since its launch a couple of years ago
there’s been a series of improvements to
really make it stand out as the No.1 traffic
generation tool for anyone working online.
Traffic Zipper is integrated with the top 20
List Builders (based on actual performance
AND user experience).
As you know, there are hundreds of List Builders
on the market and deciding which ones to use
can be a long (and very expensive) process.
Well now, the hard work has already been done
for you! The team behind Traffic Zipper test
100’s of different sites, so you don’t have to.
You’ll only see the top 20 List Builders – and
honestly, that’s all you need.
The CTR data of each List Builder (Very Valuable!)
is also displayed in the members area, and…
Traffic Zipper now gives you the opportunity
to provide your own personal rating
(which affects the site ranking).
With the opinions of over 18k members helping you
to really dial in the top 4 or 5… now that’s power!
Knowing where to spend your advertising budget has
never been easier!
Traffic Zipper takes just a few minutes to setup,
and once the autopilot feature is enabled you can
literally walk away and make sales in your sleep.
Get it here:
To Your Success,

[FULL_NAME] Struggling…Broke…Frustrated?

I’ve been there too…All of the Above
and more. Nope no family inheritance
no rich friends or connections.

So what is it? How did I pull myself
up? Answer: By daily consistant action
and never giving up on my dreams.

You: I heard that before…So what
are you going to do file bankruptcy?
I think you know better than that.

If you want to be successful do what
others of success do right? Of course.
I hope the lights are coming on as
they did for me.

It was good speaking with you
take care.
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