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Journalist framed by corrupt politician, fights for acquittal like Ryan Ferguson

This is Stanley Bolten, the leader of the acquit Brian D. Hill movement. I am one of the friends that has fully investigated Brian’s criminal charge and wrongful conviction, and have read the Transcripts thanks to Eric Clark of Kansas (the Pro Se filer in the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals). It has come to my attention that an innocent man was wrongfully convicted by the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, Docket# 1:13-cr-435-1, Greensboro Division (L. Richardson Preyer Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse).

Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, was framed with a crime that he did not commit. There is evidence, even from the U.S. Attorney’s side, which makes it quite clear that somebody was out to get Brian and wanted him raped in prison. Brian has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Brian’s story ain’t just that of wrongful convictions like what had happened to Ryan Ferguson of MTV, like Amanda Knox in Italy, like Rubin Carter in The Hurricane movie (starring Denzel Washington), and other wrongful convictions like Kalvin Michael Smith in Winston Salem, NC.

We Are Change has composed a story and has shown a copy of a leaked document sourced from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (N.C. SBI).

WRC EXCLUSIVE: Alternative Media Writer Brian D. Hill Setup On Child Pornography Possession:

The leaked document shows that illegal CP photos had downloaded to this Journalist’s Laptop from July 20, 2012, and to July 28, 2013. The weird thing is that according to his testimony to N.C. Justice Dept employee J. Joy Strickland (Assistant Attorney General, when Roy Cooper was Attorney General), Brian admitted that his Laptop was hacked into by Win32/MoliVampire.A (or variant B, according to ESET VirusRadar). What is even weirder is that according to the Search Warrant and Police Inventory published on Federal Docket for public inquiry (Document 71), illegal CP photos continued to download after his Laptop was seized on August 28, 2012.

Even a threatening email that was reported to NC DOJ employee Strickland, said that they know some people in the SBI that will make sure that he is convicted, that he was framed with the material, and that others will be next. After that a political activist named Luke Rudkowski had to file a report with the FBI from a foreign county embassy so that he wouldn’t be subject to prosecution in a foreign country for a crime that he did not commit. Then emails containing unlawful CP photos were emailed anonymously from tor-mail to Stewart Rhodes of OathKeepers, and other political activists.

So it is quite clear that Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News and FederalJack, was wrongfully convicted and deserves a new trial. He deserves either a new trial or complete acquittal or a pardon from the honorable U.S. President.

Brian needs to be acquitted because he is innocent. You can hire a private investigator and look at his school records when he was a kid, and it is quite clear that Brian is Autistic and has NO sexual deviancy history. Brian has no history with children and lives on disability. He battled his own limitations of Autism and OCD to start the Nullify-NDAA Petition in North Carolina. A politician didn’t just ignore the petition but that led to a whole series of events that led to the political frame up of Brian D. Hill. Brian tried to interview a few people once and a while, he tried to be a real journalist since he felt stuff wasn’t being covered by the mainstream corporate media.

Brian did what he thought was right, and now is falsely registered as a sexual offender, and he is a virgin. It is quite believable since his Autism makes him gullible to manipulation. Brian mentally cannot create a facade to defend himself from manipulation tactics. Brian is vulnerable and can easily be coerced to lie and say that he is guilty when his statements don’t match the claimed forensic evidence by the Government.

Brian has Autism, he is innocent, and deserves a fair trial, deserves a good lawyer, and deserves to convince twelve Jurors that he is in fact innocent. Brian wants to prove his Innocence. Please visit this link and share the link with everyone you know. Let people know that Brian D. Hill who has Autism is wrongfully convicted. Talk on Twitter and Facebook about the We Are Change article. Brian deserves a good lawyer that can help him Pro Bono. He needs a team of good lawyers and a private investigator to, “unlock the truth” as Ryan Ferguson says on his MTV TV show.

Please help get the word out! Please help Brian exonerate himself and help him prove his Actual Innocence in Court!

His public defender failed him! His court appointed mental evaluator at FCI-Butner, NC betrayed him and slandered his good name, and Dr. Keith Hersh called Brian delusional simply because he did research verifying that the District Attorney investigating Brian was in Conflict of Interest. Brian needs to prove his Innocence. Help him now!