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This Will Revolutionize How You Send Emails


One of the most significant barriers to getting more traffic, signups, and sales from using safelists and mailer sites is keeping it all organized. How do you know which sites you can email each day with all the different rules about how often you can email?

Also, how do you know where you need to earn credits and where you have plenty? You spend all day logging in looking for places to send your ads instead of having a focused plan to maximize your mailings.

Wasted time means less traffic even though you are spending hours trying to get more traffic.

Luckily, a new mailer site just launched, which also helps you organize and automate all traffic sites and safelists. It is called Extreme Traffic System, and it can grow your traffic to the extreme.

In addition to being a new-generation safelist itself, which does not overwhelm your inbox, it is also a fantastic automation tool.

You tell it which mailer sites you belong to, and it will create a daily plan for you to maximize your promotions. As you send your emails, tell the system where you mailed, and it will remind you when you can email again. Tell it where you weren’t able to email because you didn’t have credits, and it will keep track of which sites you most need to earn credits.

We even track which sites generate the most signups and move those to the top of your daily plan.

If you want to get more traffic, signups, and sales, you need a system, and Extreme Traffic System gives it to you. Best of all, it is free!

Click to Join NOW!

Jeff Rogers

New Mailer Just Launched Lets You Send Daily


If you want more signups and sales, then you need more website visitors to your signup or lead capture pages. A new site just launched that will bring you daily responsive visitors.

Daily Quick Mailer just launched on Monday at Noon. It is a new safelist mailer that will let you email as many members are yo have credits every day.

There are no artificial limits on how many emails you can send based on whether you a free or Premium member. If you have 2,000 credits, then you can email 2,000 people. Some sites limit free members only to be able to email 300 members. Not at Daily Quick Mailer.

Daily Quick Mailer will also let you email every day, even if you are a free member. They care about the results that ALL members get. More mailing means more traffic, and more traffic means more signups and sales.

Daily Quick Mailer is brand new and growing fast. With the top affiliate team in the industry promoting the site, it will have thousands of members for you to promote to this month!

Make your time count with Daily Quick Mailer!

Jeff Rogers

JUST LAUNCHED – Get a Free Solo Ad to 40,000


The NEW Instant Profit Mailer has just launched TODAY. It is chock-full of super-active members waiting to see your program or lead capture page.

Everyone at the site has either logged in or clicked an email in the last 90 days. No wasting credits emailing to members who haven’t opened an email in years. If you want results, then your email needs to go to people who are paying attention. Instant Profit Mailer has almost 1,000 members and will add another 1,000 members in the next few days.

As a bonus for joining the site, Matthew is giving every new member a FREE Supercharged Solo Ad worth $7. Just by joining as a free member at Instant Profit Mailer, you also get a solo ad sent to 40,000 responsive subscribers at Supercharged Solo Ads. Your solo ad will get hundreds of visitors to your program or lead capture page.

Join the next big launch and experience the Instant Profit Mailer difference.

Jeff Rogers

LAUNCHED TODAY: Home Income Mailer


These are challenging times we are living in. The whole world has gone crazy, but inside a crisis, there is always an opportunity.

I am not talking about reselling N95 masks or hand sanitizer on eBay. That’s irresponsible, immoral, and wrong.

You have to realize that right now; there are more people than ever who are at home with time on their hands. More people than ever want to stay home and build an online business. However, then need help to do that!

If you want to be successful online, then you need to reach all those prospective customers and give them a hand. Help them to be successful by becoming their guide on the journey. Some people are hiding at home, paralyzed by fear. If you take action, you will stand out, and there is less competition!

You cannot reach those prospective customers unless you have mastered the game of traffic. You need a flow of visitors to your pages so you can get their attention. There is NO better way to get an influx of responsive visitors for free than using a NEW safelist mailer program. You can send your emails promoting your pages to a fresh list of new prospects looking for information.

That is why you need to join Home Income Mailer, by Eugene Uchuvatkin, which just launched today. It is growing fast, and all those new members want to see your ads.

Don’t waste your time on old sites that require you to email thousands of people to get just a few visitors in return. Go where the conversions are high, and traffic flow is fast!

Join Home Income Mailer Today.

Jeff Rogers

New Launch Today: Get a Free Solo Ad


Join the NEW TopTierTraffic and get a FREE Solo Email from Supercharged Solo Ads!

TopTierTraffic, one of the most respected traffic programs since 2008, has relaunched with new features and even more ways to get your website in front of responsive customers.

At TopTierTraffic, you truly can “Earn Your Way to the Top” with our Position Points rewards. Everything you do at the site earns Position Points. The number of Position Points you earn each week determines what level of bonuses you will get for the following week. Those with the most Position Points end up at the top of the matrix, with the most rewards. We truly reward your activity at the site.

Of course, you can send your emails to our most active members using your credits and get lots of interested website visitors in return. Our mail servers have the highest reputation at Gmail to make sure that your emails end up in the inbox! We just cleaned out all the non-active members, so you are not wasting credits on people who are not paying attention.

Join today and claim your FREE Supercharged Solo Ad on the thank you page. That will let you send your email to over 35,000 business opportunity seekers and get hundreds of visitors to your site.

Thank You,
Jeff Rogers

The Costco of Web Traffic


If you are trying to get more signup and sales, then the one thing you can always use is lots of traffic.

Especially if your traffic is coming from high-quality sources with visitors who are paying attention and are interested in new offers.

That is why I am excited to tell you about a new traffic club called Web’s Best Traffic that just launched on Monday! It is different from anything you have ever seen.

Free members get to pick two traffic packages or upgrades from their favorite sites just for joining. Every month, they get to choose another traffic package or upgrade at no cost.

I recommend upgrading to Premium Membership as I did. Premium Members get over $50 in high-quality traffic packages each month for as low as $5.75. They also get to give away free traffic packages to build their list and earn commissions.

Join today and grab your free monthly traffic.

Jeff Rogers

Free Solo Email to Over 35,000 Prospects


Did you see the news? The NEW All Active Mailer has relaunched and is more effective than ever.

The days are gone where you can just keep sending people endless emails and expecting a response. Most safelist mailers don’t understand this. That is why you can send your emails to 80,000 addresses and only get a handful of clicks in return.

The email providers, like Gmail, have new standards for bulk email. If you want your emails to end up in the Inbox … you have to pay attention to their rules. If your emails aren’t getting a certain open rate, then Gmail will spam folder ALL OF THEM … now and in the future.

How do you expect to get results if your mail is going in the spam folder?

The NEW All Active Mailer makes sure that your emails get opened because they don’t send them to people who are not actively opening emails. By running a “very clean list” they get priority placement at Gmail and other email platforms. It works like a high-end email management system. Their email servers have a higher email reputation than those at Get Response or AWeber.

Sending to only the most active members means that it takes fewer credits to get more clicks too. That means less time spent clicking on emails to earn credits. Why spend time earning credits to email people who aren’t opening your emails anyway?

Get more signups and sales by adding All Active Mailer to your marketing arsenal. They just relaunched on Monday and are giving away a free Supercharged Solo Ad to over 35,000 prospects to every new member who joins.

Join for free and get your free solo email to over 35,000 prospects.

To your success.
Jeff Rogers

Earn a Reliable Income Here


Are you spinning your wheels in earning an online income because you are overwhelmed by too much information and too much to learn?

That’s not surprising because there are so many things to manage and learn. You need to be responsible for so much!

You keep trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with systems that let you attract new prospects, connect with them to build a relationship, and then sell products to them without being too pushy. It is a combination of science and art, and you don’t feel experienced enough at either.

Luckily, there is a system that you can send your traffic to, and they take care of the rest. To help the beginning or struggling online marketer profit from the methods that work, without becoming a marketing expert first.

Your Success Advantage program is growing tremendously! Now is the time to get the most complete money-making system on the Internet.

To Your Success,
Jeff Rogers

Everyone Gets a $5 Prize


The NEW Your Viral Mailer has over 2,000 active members in just 14 days since relaunching. Another home run launch for the Your Viral Network 2.0!

However, Matthew isn’t stopping there. He is giving a Random Bonus Prize worth at least $5 to every new member who joins until he hits 3,000 active members! Just join the site for free and then Spin the Wheel to see what you won.

Some members will win $5 cash. Others will win prizes worth up to $50 in credits, Premium Membership, and solo ads. No matter what you win, you know it is worth at least $5. You have nothing to lose and $5 to gain!

All the fresh members who have joined the NEW Your Viral Mailer are making it super-responsive and Matthew’s new mail servers are delivering like crazy. They hit the inbox and deliver quality traffic that converts!

Join now to Spin the Wheel and get your guaranteed random bonus prize!

Jeff Rogers

Relaunched – A Mailer That Builds your List


I am excited to tell you about a proven mailer which just relaunched today with tons of new features!

The NEW Your Viral Mailer is so much more than just a high-converting safelist mailer now. It is now running on the 2.0 version of the Your Viral Network platform. This is the same platform that Unlock Your List used to add 4,000 members in under 6 weeks!

The new platform is a complete game-changer because it brings all the power of a complete email marketing system without you even needing an auto-responder or writing a single email. They have compelling offers that turn your traffic into email subscribers and then they actually email those subscribers for you, getting them to join other programs from your referral link.

Join the program today and link all your affiliate sites in the member’s area. Send some traffic and watch it do it’s magic!

Jeff Rogers