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The Costco of Web Traffic


If you are trying to get more signup and sales, then the one thing you can always use is lots of traffic.

Especially if your traffic is coming from high-quality sources with visitors who are paying attention and are interested in new offers.

That is why I am excited to tell you about a new traffic club called Web’s Best Traffic that just launched on Monday! It is different from anything you have ever seen.

Free members get to pick two traffic packages or upgrades from their favorite sites just for joining. Every month, they get to choose another traffic package or upgrade at no cost.

I recommend upgrading to Premium Membership as I did. Premium Members get over $50 in high-quality traffic packages each month for as low as $5.75. They also get to give away free traffic packages to build their list and earn commissions.

Join today and grab your free monthly traffic.

Jeff Rogers

Free Solo Email to Over 35,000 Prospects


Did you see the news? The NEW All Active Mailer has relaunched and is more effective than ever.

The days are gone where you can just keep sending people endless emails and expecting a response. Most safelist mailers don’t understand this. That is why you can send your emails to 80,000 addresses and only get a handful of clicks in return.

The email providers, like Gmail, have new standards for bulk email. If you want your emails to end up in the Inbox … you have to pay attention to their rules. If your emails aren’t getting a certain open rate, then Gmail will spam folder ALL OF THEM … now and in the future.

How do you expect to get results if your mail is going in the spam folder?

The NEW All Active Mailer makes sure that your emails get opened because they don’t send them to people who are not actively opening emails. By running a “very clean list” they get priority placement at Gmail and other email platforms. It works like a high-end email management system. Their email servers have a higher email reputation than those at Get Response or AWeber.

Sending to only the most active members means that it takes fewer credits to get more clicks too. That means less time spent clicking on emails to earn credits. Why spend time earning credits to email people who aren’t opening your emails anyway?

Get more signups and sales by adding All Active Mailer to your marketing arsenal. They just relaunched on Monday and are giving away a free Supercharged Solo Ad to over 35,000 prospects to every new member who joins.

Join for free and get your free solo email to over 35,000 prospects.

To your success.
Jeff Rogers

Earn a Reliable Income Here


Are you spinning your wheels in earning an online income because you are overwhelmed by too much information and too much to learn?

That’s not surprising because there are so many things to manage and learn. You need to be responsible for so much!

You keep trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with systems that let you attract new prospects, connect with them to build a relationship, and then sell products to them without being too pushy. It is a combination of science and art, and you don’t feel experienced enough at either.

Luckily, there is a system that you can send your traffic to, and they take care of the rest. To help the beginning or struggling online marketer profit from the methods that work, without becoming a marketing expert first.

Your Success Advantage program is growing tremendously! Now is the time to get the most complete money-making system on the Internet.

To Your Success,
Jeff Rogers

Everyone Gets a $5 Prize


The NEW Your Viral Mailer has over 2,000 active members in just 14 days since relaunching. Another home run launch for the Your Viral Network 2.0!

However, Matthew isn’t stopping there. He is giving a Random Bonus Prize worth at least $5 to every new member who joins until he hits 3,000 active members! Just join the site for free and then Spin the Wheel to see what you won.

Some members will win $5 cash. Others will win prizes worth up to $50 in credits, Premium Membership, and solo ads. No matter what you win, you know it is worth at least $5. You have nothing to lose and $5 to gain!

All the fresh members who have joined the NEW Your Viral Mailer are making it super-responsive and Matthew’s new mail servers are delivering like crazy. They hit the inbox and deliver quality traffic that converts!

Join now to Spin the Wheel and get your guaranteed random bonus prize!

Jeff Rogers

Relaunched – A Mailer That Builds your List


I am excited to tell you about a proven mailer which just relaunched today with tons of new features!

The NEW Your Viral Mailer is so much more than just a high-converting safelist mailer now. It is now running on the 2.0 version of the Your Viral Network platform. This is the same platform that Unlock Your List used to add 4,000 members in under 6 weeks!

The new platform is a complete game-changer because it brings all the power of a complete email marketing system without you even needing an auto-responder or writing a single email. They have compelling offers that turn your traffic into email subscribers and then they actually email those subscribers for you, getting them to join other programs from your referral link.

Join the program today and link all your affiliate sites in the member’s area. Send some traffic and watch it do it’s magic!

Jeff Rogers

Your Free Guaranteed Prize Ends Monday

Hi, The guaranteed prizes for every new member who joins Unlock Your List ends at midnight Monday night. They are almost to 3,000 new members in under 4 weeks. That is the cut off for the Random Bonus Prizes, so you need to join now. Unlock Your List is so much more than a safelist because it also builds YOUR email list. It is so much more than a list builder because it also sends a professional email series to your list that gets them to join multiple programs from YOUR Affiliate Links. There have already been more than 400 tracked signups and sales that have come from the automatic promotions at Unlock Your List! At midnight Monday night, the bonus will end, so you need to join today. You cannot lose and you are guaranteed to win! Click below to join today.


2200 New Members have Joined This Hot New Mailer


Unlock Your List is continuing it’s fast growth, still adding over 100 new members every day. It is past 2,200 members in just 18 days.

It is growing so quickly because IT WORKS, and also because they have such great promotions for new members. Right now, you can get a guaranteed prize worth at least $5 … including random prizes of $5 in cash!
Join the site for free by clicking the link below, follow the process, and on the thank you page, you will find a button to Reveal Your Bonus Prize. When you click the button, the system will randomly choose a prize from a pool including cash, credits, solo ads, and other valuable prizes … each worth at least $5.

Unlock Your List is a system for success, not just a safelist. It helps you to build your list and even writes and delivers emails promoting dozens of products for you … without you even needing an auto-responder!

Join and claim your free prize!

Jeff Rogers

Join my Site Get a Free Solo Ad


The launch of my new site, Unlock Your List has been going very well. We are passing 1,000 members today and it is only 7 days since the launch.

This week is going to be a big one too because I am giving a free solo ad to 1,500 members to every new member who signs up.

Just join Unlock Your List for free and get 1,500 credits to send your first emails. No clicking to earn credits is required.

Jeff Rogers

Over 650 New Members since Tuesday


Have you joined Unlock Your List yet? You Should!

The mailer is live, so the first members can start sending their emails to the entire membership.

Since this past Tuesday 650 members have joined Unlock Your List, I have signed up 54 new members and Unlock Your List continues to grow.

When a new mailer starts sending emails, they always get very high open and click rate because all the new members need to earn credits. That
means a lot of traffic from every mail you send.

Timing is everything in marketing, and the time to send emails from Unlock Your List is quickly approaching. Make sure you are ready by joining today.

Join Unlock Your List Today for Free

Jeff Rogers

Big Launch a Mailer to Unleash the Power of Email Marketing


Everyone knows that the real money in online marketing is unlocked when you have a responsive email list and you send great offers to them on a regular basis.

The problem is that building a list, writing emails, and learning an auto-responder is hard.

Now, there is a safelist mailer that delivers high-quality traffic to your opportunities and websites, but also simplifies the process of list building and sending a high-converting email series.

Unlock Your List is the first site on the NEW Your Viral Network 2.0 platform. The first version of the Your Viral Network added over 500,000 subscribers to the lists of their members including me! The new version has gone a step further because it helps you to build a list and also sends emails to your list, with your referral ids for dozens of programs. Each site is a mini “Your Success Advantage”!

You have to experience it to believe it.

Unlock Your List just launched and you can get in on the action for free. Use the program to send emails and deliver quality traffic to your signup pages. Promote the program to build your list and have the program email your subscribers with no auto-responder required.

Click to Join and Unlock Your Wealth Potential!

Jeff Rogers