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Visit our shop to see our wide range of jewelry ma

We have a wide range of Gemstones from around the world for sale. If you are a Jeweller or a Craft Person visit our shop to see some of the Gemstones we have on offer. We also offer on Occasions Pieces of Jewellery for sale.Covid19 has changed how we market our products and where and how we will get them to you. Our website is not complete however we are trying our best to ensure safe and prompt deliveries. In view of this we have worked out that it is probably best to use a tried and tested system for deliveries to our customers. So until things become more stable we will be using Postal Services. And as we continue to experiment with this system and compare them to Courier and Express Deliveries we will advise our customers of what is best. We hope that you understand that COVID19 has changed EVERYTHING. and would be grateful for any feedback relating to any alternative delivery service that proves to be more effective than the National Post. It may take longer to arrive but you can be sure you will get what you ordered and paid for.