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[first_name], A 3 Day Example to Profit at DigiSoft!

A 3 Day Example To Profit At DigiSoft!

Let me give you an example of how fast you can recover your $57 startup
cost, and start making M0NEY with just 3 referrals. In this example I will
use the same names as we use in the Flow Charts on the How It Works
Page in your Member Center, and for a time line we’ll say that you make
1 sale a day – it could be 1 a week, but for this example we will use 1 day.

Day 1 – You refer Dave, and he purchases both Product Packages. Dave
is passed up as a Qualifying Sale at both Package Levels. You are now
Qualified at Package #1 and need one more Qualifying Sale at Package #2.

Day 2 – You refer Nancy, and she also purchases both Product Packages.
Nancy starts your first Payline at Package #1 and pays you $15, and she is
passed up as your 2nd Qualifier at Package #2. You are now fully Qualified
at Package #2.

Day 3 – You refer Andy, and he purchases both Product Packages. Andy
starts your second Payline at Package #1, and he also starts your “first“
Payline at Package #2 and he pays you a total of $50 for both Product

With these 3 people you have just made $65. You got your $57 back, and
you are in profit by $8.

But that`s not all you have!

You have 2 Paylines going at Package #1 with Nancy & Andy, and they
must each pass up 1 Qualifying Sale/Person ($15) to at Package #1. So
in essence Nancy & Andy are working for you at Package #1 “until“ they
pass up 1 Qualifying Sale. AND the person that is pass up to you will also
pay you $15, and pass up their first Person/Sale $15 to you. This continues
INFINITY DEEP. We call these Infinity Team Sales.

You also have 1 Payline going at Package #2 with Andy. This means that
Andy will pass up his 2 Qualifying Sales to you at Package #2. So again
Andy is “working for you“ until he makes his Qualifying Sales, and the 2
people he passes up to you at Package 2 will pay you $35, then they will
each have to pass up 2 People/Sales to you. This is the doubling effect
at Package #2 that you see in “The Accelerated 230K Business Plan“,
and it continues INFINITY DEEP well beyond 16 Weeks!!!

You are now in the Driver`s Seat and every time you make a new Personal
Sale at both Package Level you receive another INSTANT $50 commission,
and start a new Payline at Package Levels 1 & 2 that will continue to pay
you INFINITY DEEP for life!

Day 4 – You refer John, and he purchases both Product Packages. John
starts your third Payline at Package #1 and, he also starts “another“
Payline at Package #2 and pays you a total of $50 for both Product

As you continue to make new Personal Sales, and your Team Members
At Package #2 pass up their 2 Qualifying Sales to you, your Paylines will
grow exponentially as shown in “The Accelerated 230K Business Plan!“

If you study the “The Accelerated 230K Business Plan“ carefully you will
notice that you make only 16 Personal Sales, and by week 16 you have
4200 Paylines! That`s 4200 people working for you “until“ they pass up
their Qualifying Sales. So well over 99% of your income is from Infinity
Team Sales, which is also Passive Income for you because someone
else is doing to work!

If you have any trouble following along with this example, please login to
your Member Center, and click on the red tab call How It Works. On that
Page we have a Flow Chart for each Package Level and you can follow
along with the exact same names we use in the Flow Charts.

Let’s Do This!

Rick Brier