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[FIRST_NAME], How To Make Money Online!


-The initial focus is to generate leads. These are people who have expressed an interest in your offer by filling out your capture form.

-The next focus is to follow up with those leads to give them information about the product you selling and build rapport.

-The last focus is to help those prospects become customers.

Does every prospect become a customer?
Absolutely not!

Some are just curious.
Some are just not ready.
Some are ready and they feel comfortable buying from you because they feel like they know and trust you.

The process can be summarized in 3 Steps:

1/Start generating leads {Lead Capture Page (LCP): Highly Recommended}.

2/Follow up with those leads.

3/Convert those leads into customers.

It’s all about connecting buyers to stuff they want or need. When you do that well, you make money.
When you connect them online, you make money online.

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