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Residual income the following month
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total residual = $4,875 per month which is still a good amount of money. multiply that by 12mo=$58,500. Alot of people work day jobs that still don’t make that kind of money and that’s getting 5 people and teaching them to get 5. Let’s look at getting just 10 referrals and teaching them to get 10.

instant commisions 10x$10 = $100

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level 1: 10x$5 = $50
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Build Your Down Lines The Easy Way!

Over the past couple of days I have emailed some of you about ways to improve your business. Some of you have listened and are now on your way to a better business model. My ultimate goal is to educate and enhance everyone I come into contact with.

Today is going to be a little different.

Building a stream of income online can be very troublesome and time consuming, especially if you are doing all the work yourself without any help. And that’s where the problem is. So many times we go about things alone because we figure that is the best way!


Are there successful people online that did it by themselves? Sure! But those that have done it quick and less painful did it with a team. Team Building is a core factor when building income online. Corporations to sole proprietors have teamed up with different partners, to include affiliates, in order to bring in more money to the bottom line.


Team Atlantis has built a program/partnership that is open to anyone wanting to get a jump on making a substantial income online. So I will tell you how it all works, so pay attention!!
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As you can see the Compensation Plan is awesome! But before you go on to step 2. I am going to tell you the secret. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET QUALIFIED BY YOURSELF! Remember earlier I was talking about team building. Team Atlantis will assist you getting “PAID REFERRALS” to quickly get you to the “Tsunami Level” plan. That is residual income. (residual means-money that comes in on a regular basis(monthly for this plan)). The 4 ways to get paid;

I. fast track bonus- sign a new customer up, receive 100% of the sale $17.95 paid one time per new customer.
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