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I believe in cutting to the chase…

Like I said, I believe in cutting to the chase.
So without the hype, the details:
One time entry fee: $4.99.
The product: A ton of educational products.
Cool, but here’s the good part.
Payplan example:
You signup 5 people.
Person #1 pays you.
Person #2 pays the person who sponsored you.
Person’s #3 and #4 pay you.
Person #5 pays your sponsor’s sponsor.
You just made your money back, plus $10.
Keep going and your next 3 signups pay you.
Your next 1 signup pays an upline sponsor.
The next 4 signups pay you.
And so on and so forth. All profit at this point.
Join under me, replace your referral link with mine, repost this on FB, Twitter, Instagram, text ads, solo ads, to your opt in list or whatever your fancy and let’s do this. Together.
Worst case scenario: We are out all of $5. Ouch.
Low risk. High reward. That’s a gamble I’m willing to take.
I hope this finds you having a great day.