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What no one tells you about werewolves!


You work hard and sometimes you must do boring
stuff like reading hundreds of safelist emails.
Maybe you should take a break and read a great
book. The Wolf At Dawn has werewolves who are
heroes, beautiful women (some truly bad ass
women), romance, bad guys in multiple pieces, and
other fun stuff. Best of all, it is available on
Amazon for less than half the price of a latte.

Give yourself a break. Learn what no one tells you
about werewolves. (Hint:   Your next-door neighbor
might be one!)


Bony Fingers

Click your fingers to the bone and what do you
get? Bony fingers!

Click, click, clickety-click. Did you know there
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Even though I literally have millions of credits,
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Which do you chose: work your fingers to the bone
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Still working for nothing? Frustrating, isn’t it?

This is a JOB so there is no cost to join. You are
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Have you ever tried to nail jelly to a tree?


Is that what online marketing seems like —
nailing jelly to a tree? Do you feel like you’re
just pounding away all the time and nothing is
happening? Have you ever said to yourself, “Self,
this stuff is driving me crazy, is there anything
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Here’s an idea. How would you feel about a
completely free step-by-step video course that
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(Moreover, when I say free, that’s what I mean.
You don’t have to enter your credit card or
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The program is Project Breakthrough. I’ve been
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think I was blowing smoke.

Check it out yourself let me know what you think,


Easy Extra Income! No Selling! No Recruiting!

Fortune 500 companies need home workers to process

This is a real job. You are paid for what you do.
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Survival Things Our Great-Grandfathers Built & Did

[FIRST_NAME], you really should avert your gaze
from the modern survival thinking for just a bit.

The folks introduced here were the last generation
to practice basic things-for a living-that we call survival
skills now.

Are you ready to turn back the clocks to the 1800s
for up to three years?

This is what will happen after the
next SHTF event.

Earn by filling out worksheets.

Do you want something that does not
require selling or recruiting?

Here is a test I did based on several
email requests from subscribers like you.

I tried one of those online survey sites about 10
months ago that say all you have to do is spend a
couple of minutes filling out some surveys and you
will be making hundreds a day…..YEAH RIGHT, I
didn’t make anything.

I joined seven of these websites and I
actually tried filling out a couple of surveys on
each site and they took forever then at the end
they wanted me to buy things or I couldn’t
complete the survey.

Then I was watching the news and they had some
vice presidents and marketing managers from
fortune 500 companies talking about a site that
they use to find real homeworkers to do simple
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[FIRST_NAME], I tried this site out myself and
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Are you still having a hard time? Wouldn’t you rather
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What else do you need?