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#1 CONVERTING Ad Site In My Daily Business Routine

Today I am going to tell
you what I LOVE and HATE
about internet marketing.

I HATE advertising sites
that charge big fees and
don’t deliver the goods.

Case in point:

Many years ago I joined Traffic
Oasis. A lead generating site.

It cost 129.00 to join and
69.00 a month after that.

I didn’t earn a lick.

2 years ago I joined a different
lead service called M and G Home

Same thing. Big fee. Program stunk.

Now what I LOVE:

I love that some ad sites
deliver what they promise
and people make money.

Case in point:

2 months ago I joined a lead
and mailer service known as
Boost My Online Biz.

6 hours ago I mailed my own
personal Boost My Online Biz
leads and already have five
18.00 sales on the day.

I have 100% made money from
Boost My Online Biz and couldn’t
be happier.

This ad site delivers a ton of stuff
when you join but all you need to
know right now is you get fresh leads
every day that you can mail from
your back office.

Gotta love it!

Join Now 🙂

Candace Lee

This Beats The BEST Mailer In My Safe-list Routine

You need 2 things above all if
you want to make some money with
the program you’re promoting.

1. Heavily pre-qualified business
opportunity leads (people ready
to join you and not somebody else)

2. A convenient and capable way to
contact your leads each day.

For exactly 42 days now I have been
testing and evaluating the Boost My
Online Biz lead and mailer service
that is surely my biggest find of
the year so far.

Have you seen it yet?

Now I’ve tracked all of my BMOB stats
on a Google Docs Spreadsheet and
would like to share with you what
to expect with your 2400 biz opp
leads each month:

> 96% USA Targeted Leads Acquired Within Days
> 24% Email Open Rate
> 80% of your email gets read within the first 48 hours
> 90% of the leads have purchased online before and will do so again
> Detailed stats on how many emails sent and how many opens received
> Dedicated support every step of the way

There is nothing like it when
someone visits your site for the
first time and decides to BUY.

Now you can experience this feeling
firsthand for yourself but you need
to act fast.

I just glanced at the sales page and
there are seriously few spots left.

My spot is secured but is yours?

Candace Lee

Newspapers Alive Traffic: 10x BETTER Than Solo Ads

I appreciate it when marketers
are honest with me.

So I strive to be authentic
when recommending something
to another person.

I know how hard it can be
to choose between Ad Sites.

I wish everyone could view
my ongoing hit tracking
campaign because through it
I’ve learned a lot 🙂

I’ve been able to shed nearly
35 ineffective ad sources that
rarely delivered and narrow
it down to just 4 with the best

This one has been the most
effective for me due to
these reasons:

– delivers highest amount
of U.S. traffic along with
the best hit/signup ratio

– absolute easiest to setup
and maintain

– I can promote any raw link
and change them whenever I

– I get to track all my results

The results have been AMAZING.

People are not only “visiting” my
site, they are “paying” to join
my program 🙂

Running an ad campaign like this
myself would require hundreds of
hours and thousands of dollars.

I recommend you secure a spot
while they are still accepting
new members.

Candace Lee

Want Affordable Advertising? You Need To Hear This…

Good On You For Clicking Through 🙂

You Need To Hear This…

Last night I was on a group call
with 2 big time marketers discussing
“Boost My Online Biz” as our hot topic
for the night.

Russell Lopez dropped an atom bomb
on all of us that you’ve got to check

He copied and pasted a video for us that
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt
that “Boost My Online Biz” is 100%
working for him and his downline team.

4 paid sales (with upsells) after his
very FIRST mailing is incredible and
if you’re smart you’ll take this info
and run with it.

Getting those kind of numbers so soon
after joining “Boost My Online Biz” is
the absolute rule and NOT the exception.

BMOB is working for me.

BMOB is working for Russell.

BMOB will work for YOU.

Everyone using “Boost My Online Biz”
keep mailing me your success stories.

I absolutely love hearing from you all.

Candace Lee

P.S. Morgan Hale’s rags to riches story
is absolutely inspiring and if she can
make money online than so can you and I!

Boost My Online Biz: BETTER Than Safe-List Ads

I track all my hits, signups, and
sales in a Google docs spreadsheet
and Boost My Online Biz is officially
my #1 ranked traffic site for 2018.


I’ve tried it.

I tested it.

Then tested it some more.

Here’s what I got:

Converted MORE sales than
all my other ad sites COMBINED.

* Better than my 500.00 per month
Google Adwords campaign

* Better click-throughs than my Udimi
and Safe-Swaps solo sales last month

* Bested 77 Safelist Accounts that
I send to daily


You need to experience it
to believe it:

– This is no training course.
BMOB delivers paid sales to you

– No technical or computer
knowledge required

– It takes 5 minutes to signup
and start making money

– You can promote any program you
want including affiliate links,
replicated links, doorway pages,
or any type of website you own

– You can cancel at any time without
penalty or further billing easily
within the members area

If you love targeted traffic like I do,
you will love Boost My Online Biz.

and the sooner you join, the more
people you`ll reach with your
ads, offers and affiliate links

because every online marketer knows
the person with the biggest reach


Candace Lee

Hey you guys…Need assistance?
Message me and I’ll help you start.

This Is My #1 Sign-up Source (Perfect For Newbies)

Zippity do da everybody!

Who would guess that
Boost My Online Biz
would work so darn well.

I got “4” paid members
into my program yesterday
thanks to this ad site.

This site lets everyone mail
thousands of pre-qualified
leads at their contact
addresses daily.

All I did was join.

Take the SWEET reduced
price offer.

Sent out my email using their
In-house mailer and BOOM!

4 sales came in within
24 hours.

I am really loving these leads.

The free mailer is 100% responsive
as well.

My whole team now uses BMOB
and even THEY are getting
new sales.

This site is completely effective.

I have never tested an ad site
that’s been this profitable.

In my opinion every marketer
needs Boost My Online Biz in
their advertising arsenal.

Candace Lee

One last thing:

I just checked with Boost My Online Biz
and there are seriously few memberships
left. Join now and you can partner with me
but only if you are super hungry to make
some real money.

Get Your Share Of A 28K/day Ad Co-op (promote YOUR site)

Hi everyone,

I found an amazing new advertising
site called…

*Boost My Online Biz*


They do ALL THE WORK generating you
sales and signups through:

– Google AdWords
– You Tube
– Facebook
– Traffic Exchanges
– Bing/Yahoo PPC
– Safelists
– Solo ads
– Banner ads

Getting started is a breeze.

1) Just sign up at:


2) Insert your favorite link or
affiliate url into the system

3) Sales and Signups will begin
to flow within 24hrs.

The results using Boost My Online
Biz have been simply amazing.

People are doing more than just
clicking my links. They are
PAYING to join my offers.

I figured out running an ad campaign
like this myself would cost me over
4 grand a month and take countless
more hours in the process.

If you LOVE making sales on autopilot
like I do then you’ll love Boost My
Online Biz.

Candace Lee

Want a helping hand?

Just send me an email 🙂

Sip a Coffee and Check Out BOOST MY ONLINE BIZ

This is way too good of a story not to share.

Last week I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix
and I got a notification on my phone from Morgan Hale.

Normally, I wouldn’t have paused my show when getting
an email — but whenever she sends me something, I know
it’s something I need to read right away.

Anyway, in her email she told me about this crazy new
thing she created that helps any online business owner
get the “boost” they need to start getting fast results.


It sounded so awesome in the email, I had to try it out.

Now… I wouldn’t be sending you this email if I didn’t
have something awesome to share with you, so listen
closely because this is where things get good. 🙂

In just 7 days from starting Boost My Online Biz, I was
able to get…

==> 560 NEW email optins who were ALL permission-based
(this means they were legitimate people who are looking
to spend money)

==> 5 emails (written by a professional copywriter) that
I could use as a template for any offer I want

==> Over 247.00 in commissions from simply sending an
email that took me 15 minutes per day

You might be wondering… that sounds great, but it also
sounds expensive.

You’d be right to think so, but the cost of Morgan’s offer
is not expensive at all — the investment is no more than
1 Hawaiian Pizza a month!

I’m literally so happy Morgan shared it with me. And, I’m
even more excited to get to share this with you.

>> Click below to see how it works

Candace Lee

The PERFECT Program at the PERFECT Time.

Hello everyone,

You’ve all been getting my emails
for awhile now but the information
I have today is out of this world.

I joined USA Lead Club 3 months
ago and yesterday TIED my biggest
payday using them yet.

Yesterday I mailed 4725 of my USA leads
and got 411 viewing my offer, 118 clicking
my link, and 7 people paying to upgrade.

USA Lead Club is a marketing
service that costs 30.00 a month
and as of this morning I have made
back my monthly fee 27 times over.

You do the math 🙂

Making money with USA Lead Club
is so easy its crazy.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I joined.

2. I added my first batch
of 135 leads into
the provided mailer.

3. Sent out the exact same email
I use on other safelists.

The returns have been incredible.

Like I said above, 7 paid sales from
one mailing is a complete shocker and
something I’m proud to have accomplished.

There’s no doubt in my mind that making
money online is all about being in the
right program at the right time.

The right program is USA Lead Club
and the right time is NOW!

Candace Lee

* Just email me if you need a helping hand
getting started.

Get EXPERT Help Promoting Your Affiliate Link

Candace Lee here and I
just received an email from
USA Lead Club founder Daniela
Milano congratulating me on
being the #1 recruiter for USA
Lead Club 3 months in a row.

I couldn`t have done it without
all you wonderful people.

Sharing USA Lead Club with everybody
has been my privilege since the service
is working so well and because
EVERYONE needs good leads to mail to.

The most amazing thing is the fact
that I get 15+ emails a day from people
asking me for help and thanking me for
introducing them to this amazing ad site.

Here are the Top 5 reason`s I`m
loving this advertising service:

– All leads come from America and
have valid credit cards (MasterCard
and Visa)

– All leads are 100% exclusive to me
and no one else.

– All leads are chomping at the bit to
get started and join a new program.

– All leads have committed to spending
100.00+ on start up costs.

– Fre.e Auto-Responder (This is a BIG
Perk as I love mailing my leads
every single day)

If there`s one ad site you MUST
be involved with going into 2018,
this is definitely it.

My name is Candace Lee and I invite
you to come work with me.

My Best Email:

p.s. Get in touch with me! zip me an email
I look forward to hearing from you