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FAQ about My Lead Gen Secret (time is running out)


This is the only word I
can use to describe the
reaction I’ve witnessed
to My Lead Gen Secret
this week.

While it seems practically
everyone I’ve told about
this has made the smart
move to invest in it you
might have a few questions
before taking the plunge.

And remember;

The price is going up

So I’ll do my best to try
and collate the most common
questions I’ve had land
in my inbox this week.

Q. Can I really do this as
a total newbie?


You don’t need a website,
a list or any prior experience.

Q. Can I make money quickly
with this without having to spend
money on anything else?


You can get started right away
and be making money as soon
as today with this.

Q. Should I invest in this?


You should.

BUT be quick;

Not everyone will get in.

Harris Manning

My SECRET Signup Source (High Converting Ads)

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce you to
a new online advertising website
called “My Lead Gen Secret”

Fact: This ad method works regardless
of your location or experience

Fact: Over 400+ people have recorded
a video verification that it works
(Take a look at Google)

Fact: This is the Hottest Launch of
the year so watch the video now

Fact: I want you to achieve your dreams
and accomplish your goals in 2019

The results have been AMAZING.

People are not only “visiting” my
site, they are “paying” to join
my offers.

Running an ad campaign like this
myself would require hundreds of
hours and thousands of dollars.

I recommend you secure a spot
while they are still accepting
new members:

Let’s do this team!

Harris Manning

P.S. Click on the link above and scroll
down to hear the GREAT testimonials!

TRIPLE Optin Leads Ready To Join YOUR Program

Organic Prospects is smoking RED HOT at
the moment with people absolutely loving
their sweet lead/mailer combo.

Do you need a turn-key solution to
start enrolling today and not just
someday down the road?

What you need is Organic Prospects.

I’ve been testing Organic Prospects for
3 months and am simply shocked at just
how well these people are converting to
paid sales.

These prospects are not just clicking
and opting in, they are BUYING from me.

Here is some of what you get when you
sign up with Organic Prospects:

* Mail 2100+ home business prospects per month
enrolling them into your offers
* In House Mailer Provided To Contact Your Prospects
* Extremely high click through rate Guarantee
(100% verified with full tracking stats)

You need 2 BIG THINGS above all else if
you want to make money on the Internet.

1. The ability to mail Business Opportunity
prospects that have a high level of Genuine

2. A capable and convenient way to contact
your prospects each and everyday.

Problem solved. Organic Prospects gives you both.

Candace Lee


My Organic Prospects Results From Yesterday:

Mailed To: 9800
Views: 1521
% Viewed: 15.52%
Clicks: 179
Clicks to viewed: 11.77%
Clicks to mailed: 1.83%
Sales: 4
Price Point: 59.95

TCT Crushes All FR.EE & PA.ID Traffic Sites

Twice Confirmed Traffic is
absolutely tearing up the net
and its getting even crazier
by the day.

Yesterday and today I’ve been
returning messages full-time
and the #1 question I’m asked is:

“What programs work best inside
Twice Confirmed Traffic?”

Below I will paste the exact
response I answer each and
everytime someone asks.

If you are a member of ANY of the
following sites you need to input
these programs into the TCT Traffic
Shifter ASAP:

-Motor Club of America
-World Profit
-Asirvia GO
-Traffic Ad Bar
-Best Easy Work
-4 Corners Alliance Group
-United Games
-USI Tech

These programs are trending right now
inside TCT and if you’re not sending
them TCT traffic you are leaving money
on the table.

100% without a doubt.

My advice to all marketers signed up
in any of the above programs, is to
load up the Twice Confirmed Traffic
website, watch the overview video,
and create an account now.

Don’t miss out on this one folks.

Twice Confirmed Traffic is simply
the easiest way to start building
your business.

Its really a no brainer.

No other ad site comes close.


Candace Lee

* Message me with any questions
you may have about TCT and I
will gladly take my time to
answer you and put your mind
at ease.


Newspapers Alive: BETTER Than Google Adwords

In 2.5 years marketing online I
have never seen a website stir
up THIS much controversy.

Why all the fuss?

Their website boasts about delivering
200-2200 prospects to their members
links every single day without fail.

So what did I do?

I joined it.

I tested it.

And here’s what I got:

In 8 weeks it converted MORE
sales than all my other ad
sources combined.

* Better than my safelist mailers

* Better than my solo ad campaign

* Better than my Yahoo pay-per-click

* MUCH better than all my SEO combined

You need to experience it
to believe it folks:

– This is No training course.
NPA is sending high quality
traffic to your links

– No technical or computer
knowledge required

– It takes 5 minutes to register
and traffic begins hitting your

– You can promote affiliate sites,
replicated links, doorway pages,
or any type of website you own

– You can cancel at any time without
penalty or further billing easily
within the members area

If you love targeted traffic like I do,
you will love Newspapers Alive.

The hype surrounding this program is
the real deal.

The sooner you join, the more people
you`ll reach with your ads, offers
and affiliate links.

Trust me on this one you guys.

Candace Lee

USA Lead Club = More Sales Than 78 OTHER Safelists

This is nothing to sneeze at you guys.

32 minutes ago I received “open” and “click”
stats from someone who just joined USA Lead Club
and used the mailer ONCE:

Sent To: 135
Opened: 60
Open Rate: 45%
Clicks: 37
Confirmed Sales: 7
Price Point: 55.00

If there’s one program you MUST be involved
with going into 2018, USA Lead Club is for
sure it.

I have been using USA Lead Club for 3 solid
months and it is EASILY my top money maker
compared to 78 other safelist accounts I use
every day.

I work in a tiny little office with 2 other
marketers and every one of them got 1-2 sales
their very first mailing to USA Lead Club
leads and every day it KEEPS GOING UP!

You’re Golden if you can handle these steps:

1. Signup

2. Select your first batch of 135 people to mail
(you get an additional 135 each day)

3. Choose an email ad and hit “send”

But will USA Lead Club work for you?

During the entire long month of March which
is usually the SLOWEST time of year for my business
I got 64 PAID sales using USA Lead Club.
(Mar 1st to Mar 31st)

So yes USA Lead Club WILL work for you simply
because it is working for me and I am nobody
special 🙂

Join now everyone!

Candace Lee

My Best Email:

P.S. The steps above I mentioned is seriously
all that is required for you to make money
with this program! I did it. Now you.

Pennies 4 Profits (April 3rd Sale Going On TODAY)

Zippity do da everybody!

Who would guess that
Pennies 4 Profits would
work so darn well.

I got “5” paid members
into my program yesterday
thanks to this ad site.

This site lets everyone mail
thousands of pre-qualified
leads at their contact
addresses daily.

All I did was join.

Take the SWEET $1 a day offer

Sent out my email using their
In-house mailer and BOOM!

5 sales came in within
24 hours.

I am really loving these leads.

The free mailer is 100% responsive
as well.

My whole team now uses P4P
and even THEY are getting
new sales.

This site is completely effective.

I have never tested an ad site
that’s been this profitable.

In my opinion every marketer
needs Pennies 4 Profits in their

Candace Lee

One more thing:

There is an AWESOME Pennies 4 Profits sale
going on April 3rd to 7 so SIGN UP NOW!

Get EXPERT Help Promoting Your Affiliate Link

Candace Lee here and I
just received an email from
USA Lead Club founder Daniela
Milano congratulating me on
being the #1 recruiter for USA
Lead Club 3 months in a row.

I couldn`t have done it without
all you wonderful people.

Sharing USA Lead Club with everybody
has been my privilege since the service
is working so well and because
EVERYONE needs good leads to mail to.

The most amazing thing is the fact
that I get 15+ emails a day from people
asking me for help and thanking me for
introducing them to this amazing ad site.

Here are the Top 5 reason`s I`m
loving this advertising service:

– All leads come from America and
have valid credit cards (MasterCard
and Visa)

– All leads are 100% exclusive to me
and no one else.

– All leads are chomping at the bit to
get started and join a new program.

– All leads have committed to spending
100.00+ on start up costs.

– Fre.e Auto-Responder (This is a BIG
Perk as I love mailing my leads
every single day)

If there`s one ad site you MUST
be involved with going into 2018,
this is definitely it.

My name is Candace Lee and I invite
you to come work with me.

My Best Email:

p.s. Get in touch with me! zip me an email
I look forward to hearing from you

Just Join A Crypto Program? Advertise It HERE

Anyone promoting a Crypto program
of any sort needs to LISTEN UP.

Hot diggity dog you’re gonna
love this.

I’m in Bitcoin Lifter and
found an ad site that took me
into the promised land of
upgrades, sales and signups.

Every morning like clockwork
I get up, check my account,
and peek at how many upgrades
I got the following day
in Bitcoin Lifter.

Every day that I get pre-launch
bonuses I consider a good day and
yesterday morning has been no different.

This morning I woke up to 325.00
in pre-launch bonuses and am
on cloud nine.

(5 upgrades at the basic level
and 1 purchasing the Power Package
all since 10:00pm last night)

Now that may not sound like
a lot to you but to me its

I get better results using Boost
than I do emailing thousands
of safelist subscribers daily.

Not that I have anything against
mailers but Boost My Online Biz
works waaaay better at growing
programs like Bitcoin Lifter
and that’s no lie.

Waking up to commissions is
a piece a cake now and makes me
feel like a million bucks.

With that being said, I suggest
you follow my lead by joining.

It doesn’t matter what other ad sites
you use. Boost My Online Biz will convert
better than the rest of them combined.

You can start Right Now and you’ll
be waking-up up to payments like me
TOMORROW, and that’s nothing to
sneeze at.

Candace Lee

P.S. Not in Bitcoin Lifter? Not a problem!!!
Boost My Online Biz is a lead & mailer
site that works with ANY type of program
you need sales & signups for 🙂

Need 4CornersAlliance Signups? (THIS REALLY WORKS)

Since midnight last night I’ve received
22 emails from 4 Corners Alliance members
raving about the biz opp leads Organic
Prospects is offering.

Have you checked out OP yet?

I’ve been in for three whole months
and am SHOCKED quite frankly at just
how well these leads are converting
into actual paid sales.

These OP leads are not just clicking
and visiting, they are BUYING from me.

Here is some of what you get when
you signup for Organic Prospects:

> Receive 2100 leads per month (70 daily)
> Free In-House Mailer (To Contact The Leads)
> 20% minimum View Rate guarantee
> Extremely high Click Through Rates
> Detailed Tracking Stats

You absolutely NEED fresh buyers like
this if you want to make real money
promoting 4 Corners Alliance Group.

OP gives you the biz opp leads you
need plus the ability to mail them
all in one sweet package.

In my opinion this site is your best
chance of making a go of it online.

No other website comes close.

Candace Lee

One other thing:

I believe there are seriously few memberships
left. Join now and you can partner with me
but only if you are super hungry to make
some real money.


My Most Recent Results Using Organic Prospects:

Mailed To: 9800
Views: 1521
% Viewed: 15.52%
Clicks: 179
Clicks to viewed: 11.77%
Clicks to mailed: 1.83%
Sales: 4
Price Point: 59.95