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WESA Tokens are the hottest property in the Crypto Space.

WESA Tokens are the hottest property in the Crypto Space.

These are Tokens associated with the We Share Abundance (WSA) economy and have grown from about 5 cents 12 months ago to around $20 each today.

They will probably be over $60 by this time next month.

They will be thousands of dollars each within 12 months.

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Verify your email ( you can’t log in until you do this). Check spam folders if not in your inbox and if you still have trouble put in a support ticket.
From the dropdown menu in your office select “Pool Options”
Choose the Pools you wish to enter and add them to the cart (Pools must be entered in order). If you choose all 6 Pools and stake within 48 hours of registration you will get an instant $25 cashback reward.
View cart and review the items
Checkout and select payment method (1 and 2 are 100% automated). Paypal is the fastest and easiest if you don’t have crypto. Time almost instant If you already hold some crypto assets you can select to use them with the coin payment options. Time usually about 20 minutes to complete but can be 2 or 3 hours. If you are experienced in trading Crypto then you can buy WESA Tokens in the Waves exchange and upload them to your WSA Wallet and stake pools with them. Time can take up to 8 hours depending on when you request your deposit as these are processed manually.
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With stay at home orders being extended yet again, so many people are unemployed
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so of closure are realizing it might be much longer, and even if cities do “open
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Yeah, it’s a mess.
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