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34,042 Purchases From 6096 Unique Buyers.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Throughout their 8 year history, the Admins at SOTAM
are asked if Safelists/Mailers can actually produce sales to
business opportunities. While no Admin can guarantee
members will buy what is being sold on their sites, SOTAM
has a proven history of members that spend money.

In their 8 years online, there has been 34,042 purchases
of upgraded memberships, Full Page Ads, and Viral Banner
Ads bought by 6096 unique buyers.

That should tell you two things:

1) There are buyers here.
2) There are repeat buyers here!

Does that mean you will be able to sell your offers here?
That is up to you and what you are offering. All I can
say is that the buyers are here if your offer appeals to
them and I want to advertise where there is a long
proven history of sales and repeat sales happening!

Here are some other numbers to check out….

– No monthly subscription option via Bitcoin
– Proven and Stable… 8 years old!
– 38,170 members
– Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!
– NEVER a missed payment during that time
– 1,896,148,320 emails sent since launch
– 66,165,076 million clicks (ads opened) generated
– 377,955,443 Time-Bonus Banner Ad views
– $372,488.84 in commissions earned by members
– High commission potential
– Multiple membership levels available

If you want a system with members that spend money,
SOTAM has a history of thousands of purchases and
repeat purchases for over 8 years now so join now!


Haryadi Ian

Traffic-Splash Tampak Lebih Baik dari Sebelumnya!

Hey there!

Did you see the new Traffic-Splash?

It’s bigger and better than ever and will continue to

With more real visitors, and more commissions it’s
easy to be better than average!

They kept all the great things you love, like highly
responsive traffic, and making it even easier for you
to earn those commissions!

See The new Traffic-Splash Here:

You can even get social with the new surf chat and get
to know other Happy Splashers while you experience the
new floating surf bar, or splash the traditional way!

It’s your choice however you like your splashin’!

The new one step sign up makes referring new members a
snap, which means more referrals for you with less
hassle for them!

All it takes is an email and the desire to want
traffic that really makes a difference!

So come check out the new look, and get your share of
all the extras waiting for you!


Happy Splashing!

P.S. Did I forget to mention the very limited, and
very exclusive Lifetime Pro upgrade?

There are only 20 available, so act fast to lock in a
lifetime of higher commissions, and more benefits
before it’s too late!

Traffic & Commissions Gone Viral!

Hey there!

I’ve got something you’re just gonna LOVE!

It’s traffic and commissions gone viral with
the new viral exchange Viral Commissions!

They’ve gone to extreme lengths to make this site as viral as possible, which means more leads, subscribers, and sales for you!

They also have highly effective Solo ads which go out to all active members making it even easier
for you to put more subscribers on your list!

Quick commissions to your Paypal and viral traffic for your sites, what more could you ask for?

Come get your share of Viral Commissions now!

To Your Success,


P.S. Don’t miss out on the INCREDIBLE OTO! It’s the best 11 dollars I ever spent! You’ll see what I mean… 😉

{!firstname_fix}, Bitcoin Traffic Exchange – Highest recommendation…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

This is Haryadi and I just found out
that Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark have launched an
incredible Bitcoin Traffic Exchange and Revenue Share
that is, truly, completely legal and logically sustainable.

Better yet, they have one of THE Most Unique Compensation
Plans I’ve ever seen.

The features and benefits within this Traffic Exchange,
InfinityTrafficBoost (“ITB”), are nearly endless. I am just
SO Impressed with the incredible thought and strategy that
was put into this incredible system.

There are price points for EVERYone from the small buyer to
the Big Purchaser, which means that your audience is TRULY
Massive. Then because ITB is a Bitcoin Traffic Exchange,
anyone anywhere in the world with a computer/mobile device
and a Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin
Wallet can participate. But with price points as low as
0.00051 BTC ($2.32) the ENTIRE World is our audience.

Finally, the industry has a Truly Worldwide Market and
Audience, not longer shackled by the rules and restrictions
of PayPal and other payment processors.

Now, or bigger players and those that like Instant
Gratification, the 0.5 Bitcoin Top end purchase
point, INSTANT Commission payments and Commission rates of
30% to 80% for advertisers will be REALLY appealing.

If you are interested in, and/or have an audience that likes
to SURF to Earn and then upgrade, then ITB is perfect, too.
Members are able to surf and earn daily in the Surfers
Rewards Pool which is paid out on demand via Bitcoin,
Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin one the minimum withdrawal
amount is reached.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with details but the comp plan
rocks, too! I have never, ever seen anything this well
thought out and fair to the members. The amount of money
that Frank and Clint are giving back to the members in the
form of commissions and revenue share truly show they have
built a program for the LONG Term.

A quick summary of the compensation plan shows that everyone
earns 30% – 80% (surfers 30% and advertisers 30-80%) on
direct referrals, based on your purchase level AND a simple
surfing requirement that is easy to meet.

But the real comp plan power comes in the “Up” System AND
the fact that you can earn boosted commissions on one
purchase level above your purchase level and ALL lower
priced levels purchased by your directs and “up” Team.

The “Up” System and Repurchase incentive provides Massive
leverage and recurring income potential. I don’t want to go
into the nitty-gritty details here but I would encourage you
to join NOW, check out the details and purchase to the level
that you can afford for your business.

Once you read the comp plan in full, and understand the
massive leverage, power and world wide appeal you will
absolutely WANT to tell your entire network and FAST.

It’s been a pleasure to bring this fantastic, long term
advertising/income opportunity to you and I encourage you to
contact me with questions.

Thanks and hope to “see you on the inside”!