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My name is Gary and if you are in the building trades and you use scaffolding/staging in your line of work, you are going to want to check this out…
There is a brand new way to do staging that you may not have heard about yet and I guarantee it is SAFER and SMARTER than anything you may have used in the past.
Not only is it safer and smarter, but it is also much more cost effective than other more “traditional” forms of staging because of the time involved to set it up. The old way of doing staging as I’m sure you are well aware of involves many parts and up to two hours or more to set up, and that costs you MONEY!
What if I told you there is a NEW smarter,safer,and much quicker way to put up staging? Also, what if I told you this new method is safety rated to hold DOUBLE the weight of conventional staging…Do I have your attention yet???


The revolutionary new staging that has contractors and builders all across the country talking and is taking the industry by storm!
This product is being proudly used by Habitat for Humanity chapters all across The United States and once you see this product in action and try it for yourself, I’m sure you will agree that this is the best thing that has happened in the construction/building industry in a long, long time!

You can check it out on their web site at:

There is even a video there showing this amazing product being set up on an actual job site in less than two minutes, and if you tell them I sent you (Gary D.) they will even give you a 10% discount!
Hurry on over to today…you can even talk directly to Eric who is the owner/inventor of this awesome new product and make sure you tell him I sent you, but don’t delay because I can’t guarantee how long this discount will be offered!

SMART-BRACKET STAGING…Where we are taking staging to new heights because “We make it easy to be safe”!