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ATTENTION !!! The registration address must match the PAY PAL address !!!!!!
What to do?
How much?
These are questions I will answer now.
Link will take you directly to the registration page. This is a Romanian web site (you can chat with google chrome – I do not know Romanian, too). Registration is free of charge.
Your task is to watch video clips after registration. You can get them daily from 6am to 8am. You will get them by clicking on the bookmark:
At the same time, your registration link will appear.
Videos are available for 24 hours. You decide when you look at them. After watching each video, you get 11 questions to answer. Each question has a 12-second timer, during which you can choose the answer at your discretion. The videos are English (they are advertising spots of various companies such as LIDL, VODAFONE, ERSTE BANK, …), but the questions are written in Romanian. I have translated the translator in the first videos of the question – they are simple and understandable – they do not translate them anymore. They are still the same questions.
It’s happened that the video did not load me. Even in this case, I answered the question, just be careful: I gave all the answers negative and paid for it.
Currently € 1.5 per video view and fill in the questionnaire. The price is between € 0.5 and € 8 – I have not experienced it yet, I only do it briefly. At the current price, it is for 6 clips of 9 € per day. It’s not bad, I just hope they’ll pay for a long time.
If you invite other members and register them via their registration link, they will pay you 2 € and 17% of their earnings for each member.
You can request a payout after reaching € 200. How quickly you reach this limit also depends on your skillfulness – from the number of registered members and their everyday work. The agency pays for Paypal. At the first payout, it checks the functionality of Paypal, so the first payout takes approx. week. Other payouts are immediate. Do not forget to create a Paypal e-mail profile. Only one account can be created per IP IP address. I hope I have been able to provide enough information, I do not know much either. I am currently studying and examining the agency, I have not tested it yet. However, the practice tells me that such sites do not work for too long and should be patched and registered as long as they are valid.

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