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Beginner Friendly Ad Source (I made 632.64)

I am up on cloud 9 this morning!

All my hard work testing ad sites
and services has really paid off.

It’s 8:56am as I type this and
I just finished checking my stats.

Since I last checked them at
11:12pm last night I’ve got
14 paid sales in 5 of the
programs I am promoting with:

No joke. This service is honestly
bringing me in paid sales every
single day I use them.

Even as I sleep!

This service has CONFIRMED sales
for CTFO, Go Founders, GDI, HempWorx/MDC
A tonne of Click Bank offers and dozens
of other offers my team and I have
tested over the past few months.

If you’re sitting on the fence about
joining this service I URGE you to take
the plunge and create an account.

* I’ve tested them.

* My team loves them.

* Dozens of people email me every day
sharing their great experiences.

I seriously can’t wait to see what
kinda sales this service Brings
me this upcoming week.

Just take the leap and join:

I’m always here to help πŸ™‚


P.S. Questions? Email me:

142 Clicks, 17 Optins, 4 Sale…

Yesterday, I Sent Out a Single Ad Using This
Simple Ad Site and Theses Where My Results!

That’s Crazy.

The Best Part Is I Can Send Out a Ad Every Single Day.

This Is The Easiest Ad Site I Have Ever Used.

See For Yourself..


To Your Success,


P.S. Email if ya need help πŸ™‚

Go Founders Major Update (URGENT)

Wow, Jim’s leads convert
like CRAZY for Go Founders

Yesterday I:

1. Logged into My Lead Gen Secret

2. Pasted one of their pre-written
email swipes into the mailer

3. Clicked Send.

24 Hours later I have 4 Go Founders
sales in my backoffice.

Jane Mark from JAM Marketing Inc.
loves My Lead Gen Secret too:


As most of you know I do not recommend
outside sites to you unless I really
really like them and unless I have
tested them for you.

I picked up 1302.00 on a 30.00 inv-estment.
That is 43.4 times my dough returned.
That happened is just 8 days

That is one heck of an ROI

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc


YES. You should buy this;

Richard Noble

P.S. Email if ya need help πŸ™‚

105 Consecutive Days of Profit? INSANE New Program

Think about how many different ways
there are to make an online income
these days.

The opportunities are endless!

BUT there’s so much competition.
The difficulty is finding a
steady supply of high converting
leads to promote your business to.

What if I told you there was a
way to generate 100 pre-qualified
leads every single day that you
can promote all of your offers to.

…and that these leads have made me
a daily profit for 105 days..


This has to be seen to be believed:

By the way this is 100% LEGAL and

It has NOTHING to do with any kind
of clicking for credits or viewing ads.

It’s totally NEW and UNSEEN.
Go to this private page right
now or you’ll regret it later.

To your success,

Richard Noble

330.00 on 1st day WITHOUT Clicking For Credits?

When Jim created this thing
he knew he was onto something.

That’s why he filed a patent
with the US patent office.

The first day I tried it out
it made me 330.00 from a
standing start.


I’ve seen a lot of ad-methods
in my time but this has to be
one of the easiest I’ve ever
laid eyes on.

1. You can advertise any program
you want with this.

2. You don’t have to click to earn
credits or any of that silliness.

3. Once you set it up it requires
nothing from you to make it

I made 330.00 the first day I set this
up. I’ll help you do the same;

Richard Noble

P.S. Contact me 24/7. I’m a night owl. Hoot, Hoot.

Killer Mailer – DEADLY Conversion Rates

Sent on 03/12/2021
705 opened
47 clicked
8% open rate
7% CTR

Sent on 03/11/2021
1157 opened
100 clicked
13% open rate
9% CTR

Sent on 03/10/2021
574 opened
55 clicked
6% open rate
10% CTR

Sent on 03/09/2021
1256 opened
127 clicked
14% open rate
10% CTR

Sent on 03/08/2021
669 opened
119 clicked
7% open rate
18% CTR

Sent on 03/07/2021
1027 opened
208 clicked
11% open rate
20% CTR

Sent on 03/05/2021
1397 opened
205 clicked
16% open rate
15% CTR

This newbie tested My Lead Gen Secret and WHOOOOOAAA…

The most frequently asked question
I get about MLGS would have to be:

Is this Newbie Friendly?

Ruth Bauer seems to think so:


I am a retired 72 year young

Grandmother of 6.I found MLGS
when searching for a way to
build my team in CTFO and Go
Founders. Within 25 minutes I
had my first email out to my
first 100 leads and within 24
hours I had enrolled 2 reps in
CTFO and 1 in Go Founders.
MLGS really works!


Jane Mark loves it too!


In under 7 days I got back 1247.00
That is 41 times my investment.
That is one heck of an ROI

Jane Mark

JAM Marketing Inc


You can do this.

Richard Noble

P.S. Email if ya need help πŸ™‚

144 NEW SALES in a week with even as a NEWBIE?

Hi Richard,

There are so many outdated traffic methods
out there that simply DON’T WORK ANYMORE!

Times are changing fast and as you know if
you can’t keep up you will get left in the

This is especially true when it comes to
generating traffic.

Get the NEW HOT way Here!

Without traffic you can’t get ANY results
with affiliate marketing, CPA marketing,
eCommerce, building a list and lots more!

The old ways of getting traffic are:

– Time-Consuming
– Require a BIG Ad Budget
– Hoping to Rank on Google’s First Page
– Content or Product Creation

BUT there is a new method that was just
released and it does not involve ANY of the

In fact, this system shows you how to reach
100-200 NEW LEADS in a day all with targeted
penny traffic.

This works for ANY niche and it is very
simple to use.

Your days of failing online are officially
OVER! πŸ˜‰

Richard Noble

Easy1Up: My First 500.00 Payment!

On Friday my partner and I
upgraded in Easy1Up for 500.00
which allows us to earn across
ALL 4 tiers of the compensation

We have been hearing from dozens
of Easy1Up affiliates about how
well their MLGS leads were converting
for this program, enough that we
couldn’t hold off any longer and
had to try it out for ourselves.


One of the top enrollers in
Easy1Up sponsored us and even
gave us the EXACT same swipe SHE
is using on her MLGS leads to
get such high conversion rates.

Here are the results of our
first mailing, sent out just
yesterday at 9:44am

25.00 payments x 5 = 125.00
100.00 payment x 1 = 100.00
500.00 payment x 1 = 500.00

That’s 725.00 in referrals from
JUST OUR FIRST mailing to our
MLGS leads!!!

That leaves us with 225.00 in
profit practically within a day.

Enough said. I know I’m always
touting which program converts
best with MLGS leads but Easy1Up
BY FAR is our ALL TIME #1 top
converting offer for the leads!

You can tell I’m exciting. That’s
because I’m off to send out this
swipe a 2nd time to see what

Email me if you want a copy of
the EXACT same swipe we used
to get 725.00 in Easy1Up from just
ONE mailing to our MLGS leads.

I’m willing to share to make
friends with my fellow Easy1Up
marketers πŸ™‚


Richard Noble

P.S. Contact me 24/7