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Rowley Went Off-Topic Big-Time!

“If You Have Been Waiting For The One Event That Could
Change Everything From Your Bottom Line To Spending
Less Time Making More Cash, You Have Been Missing It
For A Week Already- Learn How To Get The Business &
Marketing Secrets Of Some Of The Best In The World,


They thought they’d be talking ClickBank and Affiliate
Marketing with John Rowley, but things got a little

I’ll tell you what really happened in a few…

Here’s the thing. You’re reading this because you want
something more from life than the rest of the paycheck,
work-a-day world, and you have some idea of how to go
about getting it for yourself.

Because that’s how you found Halbertology.

However, and I mean this with all sincerity, you may
not be ready for success.

Don’t be offended, please. Hear me out.

Thinking about success is an absolute pre-requisite to
gaining success…

But if all you ever do is read, think, and plan,
without the doing, you will not succeed.

Sure, I’m the biggest advocate on the planet about
having a clearly defined goal, and a plan of how to
reach it. Mark McRae goes to great lengths in his portion
of the Halbertology event to help you know how to do all
of the strategic planning you could need.

Learn all of his, John Rowley’s, The Halberts’, and a
whole host of multi-million dollar producers’ best
secrets to making it, here:

One of the reasons I like John so much is because he,
like the rest of the Halbertology Team, knows that to
be a success in anything from music to making millions
you have to take action.

And you, my friend, are still sitting on the fence or
worse yet, in a very comfy chair in front of your
computer, rationalizing that reading about what we’re
doing is the same as doing it.

It is not.

How can I be so sure? Because the doers are the ones
who were on that webinar and the ones who are already
“in the room” with their A-list talent every day.

So far, they’ve gotten close to 40 hours of live and
recorded content, PDFs, and more… In just two weeks!

Most so-called business or marketing courses give you
maybe 8 hours of pre-recorded canned content for the
whole thing.

They’ve have delivered 20 times that amount, and have
6 full weeks to go.

A full break-down of what you get when you become a
Halbertologist and a partial roster of their talented
guests and Team can be seen here:

For instance, do you know how to reverse-engineer a

If you had been in Kevin’s first live webinar, you
would now have a whole kit of online tools to help you
do just that for next to no money.

Like I said, the difference between thinking about
something and doing something is a small step, but
overcomes a huge gulf that terrifies most people.

I believe you are different. I believe you know what it
takes. And I believe you want the same things I do.

Because we’re having this conversation, right now.

And that brings me back to how John went off-topic.

They all got on so well with him that it became the best
kind of meeting of the minds.

It was a regular love-in.

Bond and Kevin hated to end it, and stayed on with John
after the webinar ended to talk yet more shop.

What kind of shop did they talk?

To know that, you have to become a Halbertologist, but
I can give you this one core concept he shared.

He says it is the basis of every bit of his success.

“Figure out the one thing you’re good at doing,
and do just that.”

Boom! Have you gotten the message yet?

It’s time for you to take action and join the ranks of
the doers.

Your spot is waiting, right here:

Warmest regards,

Murry Thomas

P.S. In case you missed this bit of information, they
record every bit of Halbertology’s LIVE content, so it
is archived for easy access by members, and all of
the videos you watched and loved before they launched
the event are in there for your review as well.

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