Medical Marijuana Hits

Hello My Friends!
I’d like to introduce you to Marijuana Hits.
Yes, Marijuana Hits is a bit controversial, but those of us who need it or have loved ones who need Marijuana for medical conditions believe it should be legalized.
The site does NOT encourage breaking any laws. It encourages people to get involved with things like and NORML and to have a voice here in the States and other countries in support of legalizing marijuana.
The legalization of marijuana is a world wide effort now and has been for some years.
We understand that many of us come from an age where you just followed the rules and didn’t ask questions. But it’s time to step into the future. Marijuana is much less harmful and has less side effects than pills. So why can’t Doctors have the choice to prescribe marijuana?
Our aim is to provide a good advertising tool as well as help educate the public with this site and we would love to have you on board..if you are not comfortable or wish to wait to see what public response is we understand.
We really hope you will join the cause and Help Us Help Others by supporting this cause.
Join Us Today!