Remember WE email your downline for you..YES!

Your Eight Steps has downline integrity, this helps you work smarter instead of harder..

This is what normally happens with any system you join, you send over some referrals, and then the owners start sending them their own offers/with their affiliate links.. See we do not ever do this, but 99% of all affiliate programs operate this way..They get the big benefit of your work.

We are better then everyone else, we only send emails to your downline encouraging them to log in and use the system, joining you in the programs. We also send direct promotional emails on your behalf, with your links in them, so your downline can join you directly from the email.

What does this mean?

If you have your id’s saved in any of the downline
builders in YourEightSteps..Your links are re-branded in every
email we send (We use tags to directly pull them from the downline builders),
this means the links in the emails that your
downline will see and join from are YOURS.

Now if you do not have your id in place for a program we send an
email out about, I suggest you hurry up and go join, and get
your id in place, because as long as you get it in place before
any of your downline do, it will still be yours when they click
on the email link, because it has tags in it that pull it from
the downline builder directly when they click on it.

What ever program you decide not to join and put your id in
place for, your referral will simply pass up to the next
available sponsor above you who does (true upline pass through).

I hope you can understand how important this is, we are trying to help you succeed with much less effort.

And we build our business the exact same way you do, we build our email list using the set up and traffic sources in Your Eight Steps, and we promote our affiliate links to our email list..

It is really simple when you follow our system and the steps. Making money online, is not difficult, once you understand the process and have a system to use and pass on that benefits you.

Take action, log in, you will learn, and start finally making it, one step at a time!

To your success and happiness
Sincerely, juniorbarrett