My Daily Choice: 116 NEW Distributors

In the past 2 weeks
I have personally converted 36
of my BMOB leads into Preferred
Customers and 12 of them went on
to become Distributors.

Those 12 DISTRIBUTORS have begun
using BMOB leads on my tip and
have collectively brought in
325 new Preferred Customers which
turned into 116 Distributors.

I am simply astounded by the magic
that happens when you wire BMOB
leads into your team, especially
for a program like My Daily Choice.

All you have to do is join BMOB,
get your first set of 80 leads
and send them an ad promoting
My Daily Choice, or ANY program
you may be promoting.

I’ve been doing this for MONTHS
and have brought in hundreds of
new sales for dozens of my

MDC just happens to be whats
converting best AT THIS MOMENT.

It all began with a click 🙂


You’ll thank me when you’re at
the top! 🙂

Jenna Pauley