9.4 of 10 Marketers SWEAR By This (For Signups)

Yesterday I sent out a simple
mailing to my personal mailing
list asking this simple question:

What is your #1 source for signups
in your programs and online offers?

Within 24 hours I got 178 replies.

The Results?

167 said BMOB
6 said safelists
3 said traffic exchanges
2 said friends & family

BMOB wins at a whopping 94%

Are you using them as well?

===> http://www.boostmyonlinebiz.com/?rid=faith

Faith McDowell
Mother, Marketer, Mentor.
email: faithbasedadvertising@gmail.com

P.S. Don’t be shy, email me! 🙂
The last gentleman I helped use BMOB
was 86 and on a monthly budget of just
500.00 He is now up 2300.00 from BMOB
leads in the past 18 days of December.