7 PAID Sales From 1 Mailing (I DON’T Lie)

I have spent 120k on biz opp
leads in my 20 years marketing.

I’ve purchased leads from DOZENS
of vendors. Some are decent.
Some are horrible.

One lead source I’ve been testing
for 55 days now blows the rest
out of the water:


* You get 100 premium biz opp leads

* You can import your leads into the
provided mailer with a single click
and mail them once every 24 hours.

* Your leads are EXCLUSIVE to you.
They are NOT shared with other

* You can use the P4P leads + mailer
just like a safelist. Login, import
and mail every 24 hours. But unlike
safelists, P4P mails LEADS, not credit
clicking safelist users. So no incentive
to click, just genuine interest. This
equates to MUCH more conversions.

You’re only concern at this point should
be SECURING an account. Check out the
latest update on the sales page:

Quick Update (as of 9/6 at 2:18PM EST):
10 Memberships Left!

I wouldn’t put this off a second longer
if I were you. Yesterdays mailing brought
in 7 paying sales from my single mailing
to my 5400 leads.

I’d like to see a safelist mailing deliver
that kind of conversion 🙂


Jenna Pauley
Lead Consultant
email: mrs.jenna.pauley@gmail.com

– If you don’t build your
dream, someone else will hire
you to help them build theirs –