12 Sales From 399 Clicks Yesterday – Curious How?

Here`s how I got 12 sales

1. I logged into my USA Lead Club
account at 8:51am

2. I clicked the “Broadcaster” link.

3. I clicked “Select All Leads” to
import all my leads into the

4. I entered my subject line.

5. I entered my email body.

6. I clicked “send”

I checked my stats 24 hours later
to find 399 clicks and 12 sales!

That’s 1 sale out of every 33
clicks! Try getting that from
a safelist!

USA Lead Club gives you 135 leads
every day that ALL have valid
credit cards, are willing to invest
at least 100.00 and are ready to
get started right away. You can
also use their Broadcaster for
fr.ee to contact your leads.

If you`re using safelists, you will
love USA Lead Club. There`s no
“clicking for credits”

These leads click because they
have opted in to hear about
biz opps JUST like yours.

I promise if you join, you WILL
get sales. These leads are the
best I`ve tested in YEARS!


Kick Butt and Make Mucho Dinero!

Jenna Pauley
Shoot me an email | mrs.jenna.pauley@gmail.com

P.S. Need a mentor who cares? I’ll walk
you through the steps I’m taking to
MILK these leads. Shoot me an email.