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My name is Alesh. I know you have another online business from which you are getting very good returns. I am in the online business for the last 10 years and do lot of researches about the companies I am in. I never used to introduce or invest in any companies without making a proper study on it. You can trust me. Lot of people gain benefits by joining me and made their fortunes.

My program is another business which you can hold as your secondary or even as a primary business which will yield you interesting returns. Please see below the benefits :

If You are a free member

This is applicable for invested members too
– 100% referral commission both from cash and ad clicks.
– Click on surfing ads, cash links appear to be claimed, click 10 ads per day to claim referral earnings.
– Click cash ads $0.10 daily.
– You just refer more and more people, the more people you bring to the business the more you earn.
– If you refer 10 people and they click cash ads =$0.10 and you will get the same 100% and for 10 people you will get $1.
– If you refer 20 people and they click cash ads =$0.10 and you will get the same 100% and for 20 people you will get $2.
– If you refer 100 then you will get $10 a day.
– Refer people with your referral link and earn big.
– Minimum payout $2 for the first time then it increases by $1dollar every time you make payout till it reaches $10. Then it remains at $10.

If you invest
– If you invest in the company’s revenue sharing ad packs then you will earn more . One ad pack will cost you $50 and it will expire in 55 days and will give you a minimum of $55 in addition to ad click benefits and referral benefits
– If your referrals invest in $50 ad packs. You will get 10% of their investment. And cost per referral click will also change.
– People are taking 10 ad packs @50 each = $500 which will give them $1 a day per pack. That means you will earn $10 a day from revenue sharing. In 30 days $300 and you can reinvest it by buying 6 more ad packs. Like this you can increase the number of packs and income. At a later point you can withdraw your investment and run the business from the income you have generated from it for free.
– You can earn unlimited
– Risk free.
– Investment starts from as low as $50

With this program you can advertise your existing businesses and get enormous amount of leads. It’s very good to get leads.

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