The Benefits for YOU


1. No Lock In Period.

2. No Deposit Fees..

3. Only $5 Withdrawal Fee

4. Marketing is separate from deposits NO PONZI SCHEME. Money are paid only from payments for licenses and rent of bots.

5. Investors Money are Only for Trading, Not Touched by Company for Their Benefit or Pay Commissions

6. You can break the deposit and withdraw the entire amount 5 days after your bot is activated

7. You can withdraw funds without restrictions on the amount

8. You can increase both $ and BTC

9. Marketing binary – linear in 10 levels

10. You can earn passively 100% without building a structure

11. You can work with any country

12. NO KYC no sharing documents and information

13. The platform IS INTERESTED to earn 50% for each partner as soon as possible so that the partner pays the rent again.

14. When buying a license, bots are given as a gift for the amount of the license.

15. The CEO is 100% transparent, perfect communication, can answer any of your questions without problem.

-Full presentation of the iQuandex platform now in English:
Be sure to send a link to the presentation to your partners

-Trust your well-being only with yourself. IQuandex – artificial intelligence works for you. Start using its perspectives today!

-IQuandex trading robots – automated trading on the world’s most trusted crypto exchanges. Feel like a trading guru with no special knowledge!

-We have changed the world of trade: the invincible are beaten, the unique are surpassed! IQuandex – join us!