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Torque Trading Systems is a promising Snap Innovations product that helps us earn passive revenue from the cryptocurrency market 24/7, 365 days a year!

Tor Torque owners

The founders of Torque are the notorious Bernard Ong and Dr.Ting.

The two are public figures with years of experience in traditional and blockchain capital markets, artificial intelligence and fintech technologies:

Bernard Ong:

Dr. Ting:

TorqueBot executes risk-free winning transactions in succession of multiple cryptocurrencies. Using its own trading systems and techniques, Torque’s strategies are based on arbitrage and scalping.

About the company:

Founded in 2011 and based in Singapore, SNAP Innovations Pte Ltd is the parent company behind the Torque Trading Systems project. TorqueBOT is one of many products that has been in use for nearly 3 years.

Established in 2011, Snap Innovations starts as an independent technology company providing dynamic solutions for investment professionals. Their clients include banks, brokers, hedge funds, private traders and other technology traders. They have users in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Dubai and India.

I am attaching this link where we can check the domain of the site. There we see that it was registered in 2011, personally by the other owner of the company – Dr. Shang Ping Ting

https: //

The main functions of the holding company include:

Artificial Intelligence – Research and Development

Artificial Intelligence – Algorithm / Trading Systems

БанBank Fund Management, Currency, Stocks, Futures and Crypto Trading.

Offices, team and staff

Headquartered in Singapore and 9 regional offices (China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, United States) with a team of 60 international merchants and over 130 staff members.

Merchants and customer service staff work 3 shifts to support all other platforms and Torque 24/7.

Bernard Other Bernard Ong and Shang Ping Ting Businesses

B2B Services arm: Snap Innovations: https: //www.snapinnovations (dot) com

Financial arm: Almega Financial Group:

Training arm: Snap Academy:

Arm Products arm: Snap Bots:

Community arm:

MOONIX – Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchange with AI:

Two cryptocurrency mining companies located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bern – Singapore Fashion Shoe Label:

And many more projects and services you can see on their website.

Let’s summarize everything! SNAP Innovations is a manufacturer. Other companies and platforms on the market are turning to us to market or build our technology for them. Like being a distributor. So, do you want to go to a manufacturer or distributor?

OrTorque investments and bonuses

Start your TORQUE trading with 1 or more or all of the following cryptocurrencies:

– ETH: 1 minimum

– BTC: 0.02 minimum

– LTC: 5 minimum

– USDT: 250 minimum

Excellent compensation plan

0.15% – 0.45% daily trading profit

Additional 6% – 33% Referral Profits

– level 1: 33%

– Level 2: 16%

– Level 3: 16%

– Level 4: 10%

– Level 5: 10%

– Level 6: 6%

– Level 7: 6%

An additional 16% of the overall structure (Senior Partner Rank).

Get referral bonuses up to 7 levels deep! (You do not need to save 7 people to unlock the 7 levels; you only need to load your account)

No deposit lock period!

No penalty interest on withdrawal of the deposit!

No tow fees! External blockchain fee only.