EZMoneyMaker – Earn Some Serious Cash

You now have the opportunity to earn some serious cash. This program is simple and easy.
All you have to do is refer others to our site and get paid each time one of your referrals upgrades to Pro.
We offer 2 types of memberships, Free and Pro. You can choose to remain a free member or you can upgrade to Pro in your member’s area.
Pro membership is a one-time fee of 50 dollars. If you decide to upgrade to Pro, below is how you will make your payments.

A – You must pay your sponsor the sponsor fee of 25 dollars
B – You must pay the admin the admin fee of 25 dollars

Free members get 10 percent, Pro members get 25 percent.
Anyone that signs up under your referral URL will be placed into your downline permanently.

Whenever a member in your downline upgrades to Pro, that member will send the sponsor fee directly to your payment account.
Even Newbies are making money with this program.

To your Success,
Alberto A