►The Biggest Problem You’ll Face With MTTB


There’s a limit to what you can achieve with MTTB.

…a big, ugly wall beyond which you won’t be able to take your online business.

And it’s only fair that you know about that wall.

It’s the same wall that Billy Wilder almost hit in his filming of the 1950 classic, “Sunset Boulevard.”

For the opening scene of the movie, Wilder wanted a shot of actor William Holden floating face down in a swimming pool.

He insisted that the shot be taken from the bottom of the pool.

But this was decades before the first waterproof cameras.

Wilder’s team insisted that they wouldn’t be able to get the shot. But Wilder insisted even harder that they had to get the shot.

So they first tried putting the camera in a waterproof case, and shooting from the bottom of the pool. But the quality was terrible.

Then someone had the brilliant idea of putting a mirror on the bottom of the pool, and shooting into the mirror.

But the water created too much distortion, and so the shot didn’t turn out.

Finally, someone reasoned that because cold water distorts less than warm water, if they could chill the water enough, there would be less distortion.

So they chilled the pool.

And they got the shot.

And they made history. Today that scene is widely considered to be one of the most iconic scenes in all of film.

The big, ugly wall has another name:


And it’s one of the terrible, beautiful things about MTTB.

With lots of opportunities, the limitations you face are imposed from the outside. In most corporate work, your success is dependent on the whims and willingness of others.

But since MTTB provides you with all the ‘outside’ stuff you need for a thriving online business…

-A 21-step training program
-An experienced personal coach
-A high conversion sales funnel
-A sales team that sells big-ticket products for you
-A community of supportive, like-minded small-business owners

…’outside’ stuff isn’t going to be the problem. You’ll have the resources you need. You’ll have the freedom to call the shots; it’s your business.

It’s the ‘inside’ stuff that’s going to be the problem: your own unwillingness is the big, ugly wall beyond which you won’t be able to take your online business.

MTTB isn’t risky. It’s $49 to sign up, and if you don’t make a commission in 30 days, you get 10 times your money back.

But chances are, if you do sign up… you’ll eventually hit that big, ugly wall.

So if that’s a problem you don’t think you’ll be able to handle…

If you prefer to have limitations imposed on you from the outside, so that you can always fall back on the excuse, “well, it wasn’t my fault I didn’t succeed”…

Maybe MTTB isn’t for you.

But if you think you can knock down that big, ugly wall when you get to it, with the same tenacity of Billy Wilder as he smashed through the skepticism and unwillingness of his team…

Start here:

==> http://afzan.rurl.me/mobe006