►​ How To Get Ahead And Never Look Back


Remember back in the day when you when you put off starting a project in school?

The teacher gave you two or three weeks to work on it and had been giving you polite

reminders that you should have this much work done by now the whole time.

Which went in one ear and right out the other.

And then it was Friday and your project was due on Monday. You looked at your

weekend with as you eyed down three weeks of work that needed to be done in 72 hours.

But there was always one bright spot.

Because when you asked people how far along they were you always found one person

who was just as screwed as you.

No matter how deep in you are it always feels good to have someone there with you.

After all misery does love company.

It was true back in school and it’s true today.

When you here about someone who is gnashing their teeth to get through the work week

you think at least I’m not the only one. Or how about hearing about someone’s miserable

plans for the holidays that makes yours not seem so bad?

And while it might feel good at the time to hear about someone else who is in the same

whole as you it’s really not.

Because you’re still in the hole.

Being like everyone else isn’t always a good thing. Especially when it means having the

same problems that everyone has.

Most of which center around the lack of or never ending search for enough money.

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