NEW LAUNCH – Free Solo Ad to 35,000 Subscribers


Traffic Kick Start added over 700 members in just the first 5 days since it launched.

It is the fastest growing safelist mailer out there.

That growth is not going to slow down, now that they are giving away Free Supercharged Solo Ads to every new member this week.

In fact, I suspect they will pass 1,500 members by the weekend!

Traffic Kick Start has 6 innovative ways to get member’s to click on your ads.

If you want more traffic and signups for your programs, then you need to join today.

Traffic Kick Start is a safelist mailer, but with a twist.

Instead of just sending your emails and hoping that people click them, Traffic Kick Start actually compels the members to click your message ………

even if they don’t see it in their inbox.

It’s really cool and effective.

If you join Traffic Kick Start this week you get a Free Supercharged Solo Ad to over 35,000 subscribers as a signup bonus.

Give Your Traffic a Kick Start!


David Hall