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I was watching a playoff game this week. The team was
winning, but then one of the “stars” decided he wanted
to do everything.

So he stopped passing the ball. Every single time the
ball came to him, he took the shot.

Within minutes their sizable lead disappeared and they
fell behind.

The coach pulled him from the game and the team quickly
went back into the lead.

It occurred to me that most of the people I know who fail
at making money online are the ones who absolutely insist o
n doing every single thing themselves.

Social media posts, blog posts, podcasts, periscope, videos,
Google ads, Facebook Ads, copywriting, graphic design and on
and on.

And, since they don’t know how to really do any of this when
they start, they spend all their money buying courses that
will teach them how.

Before they know it a year has gone by and they haven’t even
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Knowledge will NEVER make you a penny until you learn how
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