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Finally! The secret to profiting online revealed!


I just received an email from a friend of mine and I
wanted to give you a quick heads up about it…

If you’re interested in building your primary business
while generating multiple income streams you may
want to take a minute and check out this site…

I don’t want to spoil it for you but I will say that after
I completed few simple steps I was blown away at the
power of this new system.

Honestly, I get a ton of email, and I might not have
even read the email if it hadn’t of come from my
friend, but I trust his recommendation, so I checked
out the site for myself at:

I’m not sure how long it will be 100% free, so get
locked in now.

Talk soon,

EasyCash4Ads is unstopable

This changes absolutely everything…

Get paid every time someone views your ad
while at the same time doubling your income
over and over without ever lifting a finger
after your third sale!

I just can’t get over myself how ridiculously
effective this system is. It changes every
bit of what you thought about earning in the
murky world of on-line advertising.

I am starting to wonder if there was a
conspiracy…Why else has this not surfaced
before. Seriously, check it out today.

Kind Regards
Janice Sutton

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My mentor (and one of the top internet entrepreneurs)
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He is showing HOW he engineers a 7-Figure promotion –

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To Our Online marketing success…

Talk soon,


Carl J. Weinfurtner II
Online/Affiliate Marketer
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P.S. Vick will be packaging and selling this training later on as
a premium price product, possibly as much as $5,000… However,
You can learn this stuff at NO COST to you on a LIVE webinar TONIGHT!

Thought I’d let you know and extend the invitation to you as well.

Again, if you want to attend tonight’s webinar…

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If not – no worries.

Supercharge Your TrafficWave Results!


TrafficWave is awesome!

Are you making money with yours yet?

Whether you are or not, add this to
your arsenal and before you know it…

you will be building your list
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and creating 5 new income streams!

Take a look today!

Klaus Buchenau

p.s. we will NOT ask you to create a
second TrafficWave account

2000 credits for joining plus a chance of 500 members

Did you know that you can email almost 3,000 members at HotListMailer … only 5 weeks after launching!
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Nice Bribe… Did You Get Yours?

Hey there!

We all know the name of the game is getting your
ads out in rotation in as many places as possible.

So how do you do that without breaking your budget
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Just add a little bit of VIRAL advertising to the
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But that’s not the only thing that’s got me excited about Viral Commissions…

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How’s that for a quick fix to your cash flow problems?

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Don’t start affiliate marketing

Hi there,

It’s frustrating to “try” affiliate marketing…

When you’re just keep spending your money and time without getting a positive ROI – not making any good income.

In the meantime, you just keep seeing other affiliates crushing it and living the internet lifestyle that you have been dreaming of.

What is wrong?

What are the differences between average affiliates and Super Affiliates?

I would suggest not to continue affiliate marketing until you watch this training for free:
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Hope you like it.


Gary Unsworth
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MY STATS: 18% Opens, 325 clicks, 43 optins, 6 SALES!

Pennies 4 Profits gives you
100 leads daily and the ability
to mail them from within the
members area.

I’m 46 days into the service
so I have 4600 leads that I
can download and mail every
single day.

Lets compare mailing P4P leads
vs. mailing safelists.


– All the people you mail on a
safelist ARE shared. Users
get dozens of emails per day
from the same people.

– Safelist users have an incentive
to click your link (earning credits)
This means they don’t have genuine
interest in what you offer when
they click (low conversions)

– Safelist users have joined to
promote their own sites, not join

Pennies 4 Profits Leads

– P4P leads are exclusive to YOU.
Your leads are NOT shared. This
is great because YOU are the only
one pitching them offers.

– P4P leads have NO incentive to click
your links. This is great because
they click out of pure genuine interest
(not just to earn credits)

– P4P leads have opted in to receive info
from YOU on biz opps, IM and MMO’s. They
are not just trying to reverse pitch you.


I find it quite normal to get 5000+
clicks from a safelist without a
single sale. Just credit seekers
quickly clicking and leaving.

I find it quite normal in Pennies
4 Profits to convert clicks to sales
at EXTREMELY high rates.

Aug 30th stats with P4P
4500 leads mailed with the provided mailer
18% open rate
325 clicks
43 optins
6 sales (35 x 2) + (55 x 4) = 290.00

Convinced yet? 🙂

Jenna Pauley
Lead Consultant

– If you don’t build your
dream, someone else will hire
you to help them build theirs –