Crowd Rising – Crowd Funding With A Big Difference

Tired of Revshares shutting down and keeping chunks of your money in the process? Did the monsoon saturate you?
CrowdRising pays you ALL payments into the account of your choice, once you’ve paid your initial qualifying $20. That’s right ! Every single payment, other than the very first payment goes where you want it to go, and stays there…..Unless you spend it, of course 🙂
It’s based on a crowd funding idea, but rather than waiting for a set amount to be raised, then using this sum on the best project(s), then after 6/9/12 months, or whatever period, sharing the profit made between the members, this pay-as-you-go system, funds you (and your peers) directly.
As you ‘step up’ from level 1 through to 10, you receive $20 (5 donations), then $40 (25 donations), then $60 (125 donations), then $100 (625 donations) and so on.
So long as you qualify by making an appropriate donation ($20 in stage 1, $40 in stage 2 and so on), to your uplines, it’s impossible to lose financially with this system.
As if that isn’t enough, once you join the Facebook group, you can ask to join the rotator, which will find your first 3 sign ups for you (so long as you actually advertise for the group, and not just sit !).
At this point, you’ll have $60, leaving you $40 in front. Now you can ‘step up’ to stage 2, where you can get $40 donations into your account.
Ask yourself this. How can you lose here? OK. It IS possible to waste your time with this. I have to concede that to you. But other than the first $20, the money that’s donated to you, goes into YOUR account. On the other hand the potential is astonishing. Just in stage 4 alone, you can receive $62,500 in donations (625 X $100).
This is a simple idea, and an ingenious idea at the same time. There are 80,000 members in this now, and it looks like about a 1,000 a day are joining this. It really is difficult to fail with this one, and impossible to be ripped off. Just pay that small sum of $20 to get started with this, do a bit of advertising, and sit back and enjoy the ride.
Remember. Success loves Speed !
PS.  this video (10:44) will give you the info you need

(Just copy and paste the link in yellow, into a browser).  Once you’ve watched the video just click on the link below (ends in CR) to join

PS.  Remember, the beauty of this is, you can’t get ripped off, as any money donated, has gone into your account.

PPS.  Remember also, that once you’ve made that original donation, and got your first sign up (and there’s a rotator that will get your first 3, so long as you’re advertising), you can never be out of pocket.

PPS.  Have a think about this.  It’s really a no-brainer.  I was almost fool enough NOT to join this, until I stopped and thought about it.  Just put your brain into gear and weigh it up.  You can’t lose, and you have so much to gain here, for so little work……………………………….